“We heard all the rumors about the quarterback situation.”

Marc Weiszer makes a solid point about Kirby’s decision making so far this season.

Social media has not been kind to Smart in past quarterback decisions — ones with more riding than a home game against a Group of Five team in UAB, who was more than a three-touchdown underdog.

There’s the narrative of how he could let future NFL first-round draft pick Justin Fields transfer to Ohio State while Jake Fromm, now a practice squad player in Buffalo, held on to his starting job. All Fromm did was lead Georgia within a busted defensive play of a national title and then back to the SEC championship game the next season.

There’s the question that still comes up about why JT Daniels didn’t get on the field until game seven last year. Coming off a torn ACL at Southern Cal, Daniels finally got the call after Georgia was all but out of the SEC East race.

Fair or not, that’s been the narrative.  Yesterday’s results won’t change that, but who cares?  Smart pushed the right button.  Add to that which coach made the questionable decision to go for it on fourth down in Georgia’s opener, and you’re justified in thinking maybe, just maybe, Kirby Smart’s got his in-game shit together.  At the least, he hasn’t made a bad move yet.


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38 responses to ““We heard all the rumors about the quarterback situation.”

  1. David K

    The problem is we already knew Stetson could beat UAB and we also know if he plays against a good SEC tram he’s going to have several passes batted down at the line and he’ll suck. So Kirby had a choice of getting Beck some quality experience to build upon in case we need him to come in against Florida or Alabama, or run up the score against the JV with a 5’8” walk on. And btw next season it would be nice to have a QB on the roster with a fair amount of experience as well. But we’ll always have the memories of curb stomping UAB so al least we have that going for us.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Frankly, DK, I think the offense had a confidence problem as a result of the injury situation. The offense, perhaps the whole team, needed what SBIV did yesterday. Beck got to play yesterday and didn’t look that great. YMMV, of course.

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    • PTC DAWG

      I say we would have beaten the gators last, if not for the late hit/cheap shot on Stetson

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    • First off, it was only the second game of the year.

      Second, Beck got experience.

      Third, you might want to consider the possibility that Bennett has benefitted from a full season of Monken’s coaching.

      In other words, lighten up, Francis.

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    • mg4life0331

      Exactly this David.


    • JaxDawg

      The SBIV we saw yesterday looked better than the SBIV we saw last season. He hit receivers deep and in stride, had zip on the ball, and clearly had the offense in the right position.

      Beck got some experience, and showed exactly why Kirby started SBIV.

      We have arguably the second best active coach in college football right now. Maybe he’s got a little insight into which QB should be playing.

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  2. Maybe, just maybe, Kirby knows a little more about what his team needs than we do. We probably could have still won comfortably with Beck, but no reason at all to play with fire when you have a guy who has starting experience and just wants to help the team win.

    By the way, our defense is now 2-0 against the 2 offenses we have faced. I’ll count yesterday as a shutout for the defense.

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  3. The vibe I got from Beck was not good – I don’t know if he was pouting because he thought this would be his shot and he then got out stat-ed by the mailman or what. D. Mathis vibes on the sideline, pouting and not celebrating team success. And the effort on the INT others have mentioned.

    No idea if the rumors about his QB coach leaking the JTD injury are true – but it does sort of make sense with his attitude. He thought he was being handed the keys to the Ferrari, only to see them go to SBIV instead.

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    • whendawgsfly

      Agreed. You’d like to see more effort, engagement, etc. from your QB2. I also recognize he’s young and inexperienced and playing on the big stage (at least in any meaningful way) for the first time. Wonder if he was trying to hard to stay composed and “play within himself”. Something tells me he’ll look at the same video we all saw and get it dialed in better next time.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Newbies always have to drive the Mom’s car and practice before getting the keys to the Ferrari

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  4. whendawgsfly

    I think they made the right call here starting Stetson. Carson definitely has more upside and will clearly benefit from more in-game experience; I just think the coaches had more than that one variable to consider in making the starting call. The musical chairs on the offensive line and the youth in the receiver room all benefitted from a steady hand at the helm to start out. Made perfect sense to give Carson more opportunity as the game moved out of reach and I suspect we’ll see him more over the next couple of weeks.

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    • ^^^THIS! The staff might not have even been sure of JT’s status until close to game time. Why get in a hole in your home opener with so many other questions to answer on offense? Stet was clearly more prepared, and did an amazing job to come in and salt the game away giving the staff time to play Beck and fiddle with the other issues. At the half Kirby was very displeased with the running game and we went to work on that in the 2nd half. There is a lot to still fix on the offense as far as the OL mix and receiving corps. Kirby and Monken made the right decision and it paid off. Questioning the QB rotation from yesterday is just nonsense.

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      • Bennett said he was told on Thursday he would be starting.

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        • originaluglydawg

          Nevertheless, FlyingPeak makes a great point. Having a steady hand at the wheel let Monken exercise his playbook and offense. As you pointed out, Beck still got a lot of snaps. I think the whole thing was handled beautifully by the coaching staff.
          Had Beck started, we might have had a game that morphed into nail biting and man-ball.
          (Some act as if they’d rather not win if they have to win with someone who isn’t at least 6’2 at QB. Why? Are they size bigots? It almost seems that way. They criticize a career performance because the guy isn’t real tall? Go figure.)

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  5. armydawg

    In Kirby I trust. (and Monken too)

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    • akascuba

      I totally agree those two know more about this team than any of us.

      Georgia is still undefeated ranked# 2 in the land. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


  6. junkyardawg41

    Last year we (Dawg Nation) said that SBIV was a great story, could carry us but didn’t have the arm strength to scare elite teams. This year, all I know is that SBIV was throwing dimes out there — hitting receivers in stride. Beck, not so much. I’m good with SBIV being QB2.

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  7. A correction for Marc: Fromm is now a *former Bills practice squad QB.


  8. bcdawg97

    My issue is why the yo-yo in the first half – Stetson for a few series, then Beck for one, then back to Stetson. And if Beck was QB2 why wasn’t he the starter when QB1 goes down? And was the switch because Beck/his coach slipped on the reveal? That’s just petty if so. I know Game 2/injuries and all, but the appearance is that Kirby doesn’t have it sorted out.

    Fine, go with Stetson but give him the whole half and then let Beck mop up 2nd half like every other coach does.


    • junkyardawg41

      My guess is that he wanted both guys to get meaningful snaps. You don’t get much of that when you are up 35-0 at half time going into the 2nd half.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Why knock success? Beck didn’t appear until the game was already looking decided..and that was very early because of the proficiency of SB4 and the offense.

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    • Kirby and Stetson have both said that the decision on who was starting was made prior to practice on Thursday, but I don’t have a problem if Kirby started Stetson due to loose lips. (He could always pull him quickly if it wasn’t working out. It worked out.) That’s not petty; it’s straight out of the Saban playbook of being firmly in control of everything coming out of the program, whether it’s good news or bad. Keeping team business in the locker room keeps the team on the same page.

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    • SoCalDawg

      Kirby did say post game that the plan was Stet 2 series, then Beck 1. and then repeat, at least fro 1H.


  9. 69Dawg

    I’m still worried that our OL can’t open holes for or RB’s, even later in the game. You know we are going to get tested by everybody who still thinks they have to stop our run even when JT or SB4 are flinging it. Face it we aren’t the old ground and pound we used to be.

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  10. bigjohnson1992

    Starting Beck would have been a real problem. Kirby knew that.


  11. D as in Dawg

    Perhaps Stetson looked better because the WRs were so wide open. He had a couple of throws that would have been picked against better competition, but perhaps he factored the competition into his decision tree. He was definitely the better QB yesterday.

    Carson had some good throws and some bad ones… and a real bad one. Certainly no guarantee that he would be ready to lead us to victory against UF or Bama, but I’m pretty sure SBIV doesn’t have the ability to do so. Especially not with the struggling run game. It does appear this Board is firmly back in the tank for the Mailman and maybe we shall see. It would be a great story and I’ll have some fat, juicy crow with my trophy if need be.

    Hopefully JT will be good to go and stay that way and this discussion will be a distant memory.


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