Monday Ticket Exchange

South Carolina comin’.  Need to buy?  Need to sell?  Tell us what you need in the comments.

(Format rules, as a reminder.)


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23 responses to “Monday Ticket Exchange

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I was fully planning on going to the game, but my friend who was going with me sold his house and has to move that weekend (missing the first night game in Sanford sucks) and I couldn’t find a short-term replacement. Now I have plans to attend another friend’s annual Georgia-Sakerlina party (he’s a split household), so I need to offload these tickets AND a sweet Hull St. Deck Parking Pass.

    I’ll give y’all first dibs. The tickets are in the east endzone, 300 level, and they are in consecutive rows, both on the aisle. $75 for each. The parking pass for $100.

    I’ll put them on StubHub at the end of the day.

    email at

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  2. Randall Bruce

    I’ll unfortunately be out of town so need to sell my pair: Section 117, Row 23


  3. Granthams Replacement

    Need 2. I have a north deck parking pass for remainder of the season I would like to trade/ sell $125 as well.


  4. Harold Miller

    Don’t know a proper place to put this, but I want to give my endorsement to The National as a great pregame lunch or brunch spot. The chicken salad is excellent as are the mimosas.

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  5. Harold Miller

    I know it’s early but I need to for GA/FL.


  6. Tracy McFarland

    Looking for 5 tickets for Vanderbilt. Contact me at


  7. Matt Totten

    LOOKING TO SELL tickets to SC/UGA game

    Two SC/UGA tix, Section 316 Row 20

    $300 total ($150/ticket). Only sold together. Will accept Venmo or Zelle funds

    Email mftotten AT gmail DOT com. Will transfer electronically from Athletic Association account to your mobile number upon payment in full


  8. catdawg1

    Looking to sell for South Carolina :
    Section 333, Row 6, Seats 11 and 12
    $100.00 each


  9. wfdawg

    I’m looking for 3-4 tix to Auburn.


  10. wes Hutchison

    I know this is early and this post may not help but I live in Kentucky and I’m looking for two tickets to the Vanderbilt game.


  11. Boggs Hall parking pass for South Carolina game. $100
    Venmo for payment
    Email me at if interested.
    Will transfer digital parking pass via smartphone after Venmo payment (will provide Venmo acct via email)


  12. Michael Barfield

    I have two lower level (101) tickets for this weekend. Row 33 seat 8 and 9
    $250 OR BO Green St Parking pass also available
    M Barfield 7042819178 G


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