SEC Net YPP, Week 2

With this week, teams’ schedules begin to mix between cupcake games and games with P5 opponents.  Net weekly change numbers have been added.

  1. Auburn:  6.81 (9.84 o; 3.03 d) [NC:  -.60]
  2. Kentucky 4.42 (7.91 o; 3.49 d) [NC: -2.62]
  3. Georgia 3.55 (6.68 o; 3.13 d) [NC: +2.35]
  4. Florida 3.52 (8.13 o; 4.61 d) [NC: +1.73]
  5. Ole Miss 3.16 (7.74 o; 4.58 d) [NC: -.02]
  6. Arkansas 2.35 (6.44 o; 4.09 d) [NC: +.77]
  7. Alabama 2.15 (6.51 o; 4.36 d) [NC:  -.07]
  8. South Carolina 2.12 (5.64 o; 3.52 d) [NC: -1.31]
  9. Texas A&M 1.94 (6.26 o; 4.32 d) [NC: -1.41]
  10. Tennessee 1.20 (5.51 o; 4.31 d) [NC: -.61]
  11. Mississippi State .68 (5.78 o; 5.10 d) [NC: +.04]
  12. LSU -.16 (4.74 o; 4.90 d) [NC: +1.98]
  13. Missouri -.37 (6.01 o; 6.38 d) [NC: -1.73]
  14. Vanderbilt -1.53 (4.31 o; 5.84 d) [NC: -.49]

Turnover margin, after week two:

  • +4:  Alabama
  • +3:  Arkansas, Missouri, Ole Miss
  • +1:  Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State
  •   0:  South Carolina
  • -1:  Florida
  • -3: Texas A&M, Vanderbilt
  • -4:  Kentucky
  • -5:  Tennessee


  • Reality checks in Week 3:  Auburn and Florida
  • I understand why Saban was miffed at his team after the Mercer game.
  • Kentucky and Mizzou both taking major ypp hits from their game reinforces my thought that they’re playing for no better than third in the division.  That Kentucky turnover margin figure isn’t comforting for them, either.
  • I’m starting to believe LSU’s offense isn’t back, baby.
  • Vols, last in turnover margin is no way to go through SEC life.


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32 responses to “SEC Net YPP, Week 2

  1. 123 Fake St

    Florduh is in for a rude awakening this weekend.


  2. akascuba

    I’m looking forward to the Auburn at State game. I blame Bobo.

    The FU massacre at the swamp is must see TV. As is Mullen’s post game presser.


  3. Biggen

    I’m not sure how good AU is still as I haven’t watched their games. They have scored a ton of points though but does a tiger (Bo Nix) really change their stripes?

    I’ll be at the Bama/UF game. My father-in-law (big ol’e Bama fan) has two tickets and asked if I wanted to go. The tickets are in the UF section as well so it should be interesting to say the least. I’ll have to keep my mouth shut. Gonna be a long day Saturday having to see all that orange and blue.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. practicaldawg

    Chris Doering said on the SECN that Kentucky is the No. 2 team in the SEC. Maybe he is pals with that writer than said UAB is even at most positions with UGA.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. biggusrickus

    I think you’re not giving Kentucky their due. They had an absurdly high differential in their opener, so the number took a hit. However, they outgained Missouri by over two yards per play. It was about to be 28-7 late in the second before their red zone fumble opened the door for Missouri to hang around. They can hang with Florida and end up at least in a tie for second in the East, especially since they don’t have a given loss to Alabama on their schedule.


    • With UK, I see a team that’s improved on offense and regressed on defense.

      Mizzou’s o-line is unimpressive, yet UK didn’t have a TFL until late in the game.

      They’ve still got plenty of time to change my mind, though. We’ll see.


      • 606dawg

        From Kentucky Sports Radio:

        /Kentucky’s defense allows just 3.49 yards per play. That mark is ranked third nationally, trailing only Georgia and Auburn. The UK rush defense is also in the top ten, allowing only 1.81 yards per carry. In total, UK has allowed 485 yards through two games, the fewest by a Kentucky team since 2008.

        Kentucky ranks in the top 15 nationally in total offense and total defense. The only other schools to accomplish that feat through two games are Maryland and Auburn./

        The D probably doesn’t have the quite the same punch has it had the last couple of years, but they are still hard to get yards on. Secondary is thinner this year, Bazelak found some things to exploit, but UK got the stops they needed to.


  6. californiadawg

    Any predictions on how Auburn will fare against decent teams? As we stand today, what team do you think will be the toughest out for us – UF, UK, or AU?


  7. erksshadow

    “Vols, last in turnover margin is no way to go through SEC life.” But Vols fans everywhere are living proof that fat, drunk, and stupid is the way to go through life in Vols country.


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