Smug, for the win

I hope every one of you loves someone the way the folks at Roll ‘Bama Roll love arrogance.

Who’s Number 2?

If we’re going by eyeballs and somewhat body of early work, then I’m going with the Iowa Hawkeyes, a team I had at No. 9 in my preseason poll. Last year you got the sense this team was very close to putting it all together. And after blasting No. 19 Indiana then traveling to No. 9 Iowa State and shutting them down, the Hawks are it. Sorry, Jawjah, beating up a G5 team and a one-dimensional Clemmy program get you usurped from the penultimate spot.

If Iowa didn’t exist, this dude would have to invent them.

Any one of these teams could make a case for No. 2, and I wouldn’t grumble too much. But for now, give me Iowa on a neutral field over the rest. And, as we all know, coaching and/or inconsistency will ultimately doom Texas A&M, Oregon, Georgia, and Penn State somewhere on the schedule. You can set your clock to Cristobal blowing a lead; UGA overlooking an unranked conference team; Penn State pulling a road no-show; and Jimbo just not preparing or adjusting in a crucial game.

Guess I can go ahead and catch up on my reading now.  Thanks.


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  1. They are the worst, and the Alabama fan base is the primary reason I have grown to hate the Tide.

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  2. Munsoning

    When the Dawgs finally beat that ass, RBR will be a treat to read. “Sorry, Jawjah, beating a Bama team with (insert litany of excuses here) doesn’t mean anything.”

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  3. As much as I hate to admit it, FU has a better team than Mercer…they better just worry about holding their number 1 spot

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  4. The Truth

    Let me tell you what I’ve seen so far: if Adam Anderson, Channing Tindall, or Nakobe Dean get the chance to run Bryce Young down, they will.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    to quote 007…arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand.
    their arrogance shall be their downfall

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  6. Munsoning

    “Coaching and/or inconsistency” will eventually doom Georgia? Man, I can’t believe this Erik Evans guy is dispensing such top-notch analysis for free. Now that Butch “Barely Qualifies as a Warm Body” Jones is gone, Saban should snap Erik up.

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  7. Remember the Quincy

    I’ve lived in Bham 17 years now. For the first 13-14 of those years, Georgia barely registered on the radar for most Bammers. The last 3-4, though, they’ve acted like a bunch of insecure pansies in regard to Jawga. Case in point: most Bammers I know were vocally pulling for UAB this weekend and several were waxing poetic about how exactly UAB was going to pull the upset. This, coming from a fan base that inexplicably hates UAB (like they pose some sort of threat to UAT’s dominance).

    The best way to test how much they fear a team is to watch who commands most of their attention.

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    • Opelikadawg

      The weird thing is that a sizeable portion of their fan base thought that way even back during the Dubose/Shula years when they weren’t very good. I’ve had to “re-educate” a couple of Bammers who decided to give me shit for no other reason than that I was wearing a UGA hat. They really do, for some strange reason, see UAB as a threat, too.

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    • 69Dawg

      While the Bama team and Saban are great, the basic Alabama fan has a built in inferiority complex based on the States long history. It is not enough to win they must degrade their opponent to build themselves personally. It’s both sad and infuriating.

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  8. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    When guys named Eric spell their name with a “k” you know they’re a particular kind of asshole.

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  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    You know he already decided before typing the first letter that he was going to dig Georgia. The only question is how long it took him to settle on Iowa as his tool.

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  10. Amusing how not even the voters on RBR’s own poll are buying that noise.

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  11. wtm121

    Let’s not forget that these are the same people that elected Tommy Tuberville.

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  12. That place is going to have a meltdown when Kirby finally beats Saban. Like “We need 24/7 security for the Hedges” meltdown.

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  13. siskey

    Kirby lost to an unranked team in 2019. The idea that we annually lose to a bad team is overblown. We are not at Bama’s level of only losing to good/ great teams that play great but we are a hell of a lot closer than the Bama fans want to admit. I hope that we beat them this year. I would love to beat them twice. However, if it works out that we play Iowa in the National Championship game I will accept that too.

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  14. The Decider

    Bama grad/fan here. I read this blog everyday before I even think about RBR. I liked their first generation writers, which preceded Saban’s arrival. The writers since have been a little too douchebaggish for me.

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  15. Dawg19

    Yes, because coaching and inconsistency have never doomed Iowa.

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  16. RangerRuss

    “UGA overlooking an unranked conference team”. Sort of like how the gumps overlook soap, deodorant and toothpaste.
    They know without their merry band of trembling refs scared of Sabanocchio’s wrath the Dawgs would already own their ass and a couple National Championships. It’s coming.

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  17. miltondawg

    Wasn’t it Bama shills that said last week that UAB had a chance to beat Georgia in Athens and gave UAB “even” marks on a few unit rankings going into the game? They’re right in the fact that we beat a G5 team. What they fail to mention is that we beat a G5 that has won C-USA two out of the last three seasons worse than they beat FCS Mercer and that Jawja’s defense still hasn’t given up a defensive touchdown in two games.

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  18. Texas Dawg

    Fortunately, the only thing that counts is what happens on the field. Barring a total catastrophe, we will get the shot to unseat the king in Atlanta. We will get the chance to put up or shut up. They will keep crowing until we take them down.

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    • Down Island Way

      That is the December UGA football Dawg Walk to the next level…DGS what the bammers or anyone else in college football does, next up in week 3 are some cocks in need of a good beating…

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  19. HirsuteDawg

    ONE thing I can say with absolute certainty – If we beat BAMA this year and win the conference (or more) the Georgia fans are going to show the rest of the conference exactly how loud and obnoxious a fanbase can be. Our crowing, other team downgrading, Dawg bragging, and general immodest self congratulating will set a standard that will take years to subside and one to which other fanbases can only aspire.

    With all that said, I can hardly wait! Sic ’em you Hairy Dawgs. Bring on the poultry.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      I know there’s a ‘click’ for this, but-

      I LIKE IT!


    • PTC DAWG

      What’s that coming down the track!!!


    • RangerRuss


      I have much more to say. However, for now, yes.
      The muthafukas.


    • silvercreekdawg

      I hang out on SECRant and all the other fanbases, but especially LSU and Bama, love to make fun of 1980. I continually warn them that they better pray they’re dead and gone when UGA wins a natty.

      Because I and all of my Bulldog brethren will be so obnoxious that they will have to ban us all. And I also warned them it will be every single day from the day we are crowned national champs until the day some other team is.

      And God help them if we go back to back…


  20. Ran A

    Don’t kid yourself here. I commented on 247 about this. Auburn and Alabama have a healthy respect for UAB. Kind of the same relationship Georgia has with Georgia Southern. They were all telling themselves and each other that UAB was going to go into Athens and give them Dawgs a game, might even come out of there with a win.

    So while they were sitting in their seats on the Plains and in the Gawd-Awful stadium in Tuscaloosa, scoreboard watching while enjoying devouring their cupcakes, they were vastly disappointed to see that score moving like something on a pinball machine.

    Both fan bases were banking on Georgia’s offense being anemic. They had been telling themselves all week that UAB would prove that out. So when that blew up, it made on fan base have to face the fact that they will likely lose for the 14th time in 17 years and the other that the cake walk they thought they had to the playoffs isn’t quiet as easy as they thought it was going to be, especially as their team sputtered at times against Mercer.

    That’s what these little spurts of ‘jackass’ is really all about.

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  21. godawgs1701

    First of all, I never take anyone seriously who uses nicknames for teams like “Clemmy” or “Jawjah” or “Allbarn”. That’s juvenile and beneath even a blogger. Second of all, if I was concerned about what Alabama fans are thinking, I’d point out that Clemson was one dimensional because we made them that way in Charlotte. If not for a long list of our own mistakes on offense (and coupled with Clemson’s own excellent defense) then that game would have been no contest. But, I’ll just let Alabama be surprised by what happens when we end up on the field with them again, there’s really no reason to spoil it.

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  22. Whiskey Dawg

    Given the games I’ve watched, I’m not sure the Hawks could beat the Razorbacks. As for Bama, arrogance is an unhealthy ego in need of repair.

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  23. Water off a duck’s back, bruh. They hate “Jawja” because they know the talent we have and that we are most the most team likely to beat them this year. I now officially will state that my perfect season would be to go 2-0 against these condescending sonofabitches.

    And for the record, we MADE Clemson one-dimensional. Well, Jordan Davis and some of his friends did. I love me some JD.

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  24. ASEF

    Just another day/look-at-me in the click-a-verse.

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  25. stoopnagle

    I feel sorry for all these motherfuckers the second the clock ticks 0:00 on a Georgia national title. I am going to flaunt it so bad.

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  26. Butler Reynolds

    Guys like that are rat poison for Alabama. Lucky for them, Saban is always working on an antidote.


  27. Scotty King

    True story from several years back:

    We were tailgating in Nashville and a Vandy fan told me The Rolling Stones were playing in Vandy’s stadium the next Saturday. He added, “They’ve been installed as an 8 point favorite”. LOL

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  28. originaluglydawg

    Most Alabama fans want you to say, “I wish I were you”. Even though nobody does. Just tell them, “I’m a Bama fan too and I remember when Georgia kicked our ass in 17 but the refs screwed them out of that championship. We are lucky as hell that the refs love Alabama”.
    What are they going to say?
    Call you out for not being a Bama fan?
    Then you tell them that you have as much business claiming to be one as they do. Say “Roll Tide” and laugh your ass off at the expression on their mug.