Take this baby out for a spin.

I recognize that the Stetson Bennett Experience sucked all the oxygen out of the room, but for my money, this was the biggest story of the UAB game:

“Well, they gave us the ability to stretch the field. The second part of the game, they played quarters, the same thing that Clemson played. But they bit on the run. They came up to the run, and Jermaine came by the safety that was playing quarters. So it is not a matter of wanting to stretch the field vs not wanting to stretch the field. It is what the defense does. If you do not cover somebody running down the field, you throw it to them. If they do cover them, you have to find somebody else. I don’t think it was about scheme. I thought it was aggressive and that is what we wanted to be.

“We want to be explosive. That is what we talked about all week. To be explosive, you got to be fast…”

Given the quality of the opponent and the injury situation, Georgia could have manballed the fuck out of the Blazers and nobody would have batted an eye.  (Rolled an eye might have been a different story.)  Indeed, it’s kind of what I expected, especially had Beck been given the start.  And it’s clearly what UAB’s defensive coordinator expected.  That’s what I loved so much about the first two plays of the game — Monken called a run to start in order to see what UAB was dialing up and then went for the jugular on the very next play because he knew they were committed to stopping the run.

Even better, Kirby never let up, even when he could have.

On his team coming out after a big win and avoiding a letdown by not taking the foot off the gas:

“It was probably the start. I have to watch the tape. I do not know if it was what we did or what they did. They gave us two really big, explosive plays. Some of that has to do with good playcalling, has to do with maybe a mistake by them. I don’t know. We wanted to be explosive and we were. There are a lot of things we can improve on. We got a lot of players who can get better on our team, but our team did start fast today.

“That is what we challenged them to do. Be aggressive and be explosive because we haven’t been. I thought they did a good job with that. At least in the pass game.”

It’s still early and nothing is written in stone, but to my unprofessional eye, it sure seems like Kirby Smart has handed the keys to the offense to Todd Monken and Monken is doing his best to take what opposing defenses are giving him.  That’s a pretty big deal.


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21 responses to “Take this baby out for a spin.

  1. Monken would have been out the door after last season like the way he was in Cleveland if Kirby had told him you have to win my way. You can tell Kirby wants to be explosive on offense whether it’s with multiple 1,000 yard rushers or 3,500 yards passing. I also really believe Monken knows he can make a lot of money in Athens with the best set of college players he can get. The only way he leaves is if a big time P5 job came open. Even then, he may be very happy to do what he could do in Athens.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if Sark is having second thoughts about getting back into the head coach’s office after Saturday night.

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    • Derek

      Perhaps he just checked his bank balance.

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      • True, but I don’t imagine he was living paycheck to paycheck in Tuscaloosa.

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        • Derek

          Big gap between a 3 year 2.5 million dollar K and a 6 year 34.2 million dollar GUARANTEED K.


          • Dude, I get it … a lot of money. We’ll see if all of that money helps when the alumni are at his throat, and God forbid, he has to fight the demons that plagued him in LA.


            • Derek

              And I agree with your sentiment. There are guys who should be happy being coordinators and position coaches. But set aside ego as a driving factor and look at all that cash! Takes a lot of discipline to not pick up that bag. And who doesn’t think that they can be the next Pittman/Kirby/Day/Dabo and not the next Van Gorder?

              And if it doesn’t work out? You’ll never have to work another day of your life!


              • 79dawg

                [Broad generalization alert] “Middle class” people underestimate how “rich people” think about money: people with a million bucks look around at people with 5 or 10 and have to get there; people with 5 or 10 look around and see people with $100MM, and have to get there; etc. ad nauseum up to about, oh, $50B or so….

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                • Tony BarnFart

                  Are we talking about “rich” or “wealthy” ? If I had 10M, I’d legit quit my job and not change a thing except for getting to spend a ton more time with my kids. Every day would be Saturday.

                  I would maybe reassess risk after they were through schooling with no debt and seeing what that money looked like inflation wise after that 20 years. I feel pretty good that I could get them through as much schooling as they wanted debt free, pick them up from school at 3pm every day (i.e. not work), change nothing about our current lifestyle, all while not cutting into the principal.

                  That’s a “rich” life to me.

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                • bigjohnson1992

                  Correct sir.


    • bigjohnson1992

      Yeah. I think monken just saw what happened to sark and wants none of that shit. Just pay the man and he’ll stuck around Athens for a long time.

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  2. bulldogbry

    I loved how Bennett played like he just didn’t want to stay on the field. Dink and dunk? No thanks, just tell me where Burton and Smith are, I want to go sit by the large fans and cool off.

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  3. Kirby seems a lot more comfortable right now. Maybe having 3 guys around who have been head coaches to use as a sounding board had helped.

    Or maybe he just knows this team can police itself, a la 2017.

    Either way, he seems more comfortable, which means he can let his coaches coach. That’s a good thing.

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  4. Ran A

    Kirby did something that I have NEVER in my life seen a Georgia Coach do.

    He let the offense pass the football deep into the game. Went back and watched the 4th quarter again yesterday, just to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.

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  5. Texas Dawg

    It has been a LONG time since the DAWGS pressed down on the gas pedal and kept it down all game. That was long overdue. Because of that (and hopefully many more times this year) the 2nd and 3rd string guys will get extended valuable game experience. We are going to need them ready at some point this year most likely. Certainly are going to need them seasoned for next year.

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  6. Bulldawg Bill

    “The Stetson Bennett Experience”
    So, tell me, ‘Are you experienced?’
    Well have you ever been experienced?
    I have!
    I know, I know you’ll
    Scream and cry that
    You’re little world won’t let you go!…

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  7. RangerRuss

    Damn right, Senator! It seems Kirby has addressed the litany of legitimate complaints in his performance; from opening up the O, to getting real experience for the backups to maintaining his composure on the sidelines. With more than competent coordinators and as much talent as any team in college football the Dawgs are what we, or at least myself, have been demanding. Nothing to do now but sit back and cheer with the confidence that Head Coach Kirby Smart is what we want him to be. Will there be mishaps in his operations? Of course. The vagaries of football aren’t going to disappear simply because the issues have been solved to the best of one man’s ability.
    No one is perfect. But by deuce, UGA has a Man who has identified the “popitus” of excellence and infused the program with essential components to be in the hunt for championships.
    I’m jolly. Pip pip.


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