TFW you’re having a good day

And they were.


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17 responses to “TFW you’re having a good day

  1. DawgFlan

    Brinson with some moves, and lighter on his feet than I am even with a 120+ pound weight differential!

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  2. Jack Klompus

    Love it. Was that playing on the speaker system in Sanford?

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  3. Salty Dawg

    Get it, Brinson! Heck ya!


  4. RangerRuss

    Doing that happy dance! I’m glad to see that. What would piss me off is a line dance that takes hours of prep time that could be better spent on studying or practicing football.
    Keep the main thing the main thing.

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  5. Spell Dawg

    Love seeing Rochester having fun out there with his dawgs.

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  6. spur21

    Love seeing young men having fun – this is a special team – enjoy the moment.

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  7. rigger92

    BTW, where were the Redcoats? Every time I saw a shot of the stands during the game there was a big hole in the crowd.


  8. Real question is if the UAB dude wearing the dragon chain was dancing too…

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