“The joke was thinking UAB ever had a chance at all.”

It’s a steep fall from here to here.

The difference between a good Group of 5 team and one of the so-called Super Teams of college football is like the difference between a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich and one of the Top 5 meals you’ve ever had in your life.

There is no comparison, in other words. It’s OK to like both peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a meal that might be worthy of your last, but it’s not fair to stand them side by side.


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15 responses to ““The joke was thinking UAB ever had a chance at all.”

  1. 81Dog

    I love how he glossed over his confident pregame analysis of UAB superiority/equality at several positions as mere “curiosity” at how a G5 team would fare. I love the subtle hint of whining in his recounting of press box decorum and his disapproving recollection of the lack, in his opinion. But I really, truly, completely love the passive aggressive shot he took by bringing up last year’s final score in the Alabama game. Yes, Homer, by all means deftly remind us THEY AINT READY FOR BAMA, PAWWWWLL. The juxtaposition of this with the no cheering in the press box whine is (chef’s kiss) so perfect.

    A shorter and more accurate article would have simply said “I was foolish to think UAB had a chance against this team. UGA is big, athletic, fast, and deep. They look like an SECC contender. I’m an idiot..”

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  2. 81Dog

    Quit confusing me with facts. Or “forget it, I’m rolling.” 🙂


  3. beatarmy92

    What a bunch of no talent a$$ clowns.


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