“This is a generational talent.”

Hoo, boy.  Matt Hayes shore do love him some Anthony Richardson.  In a few short paragraphs, he manages to compare Florida’s backup QB favorably to Joe Burrow, Tim Tebow (“Make no mistake, this isn’t Tebow. Richardson throws a better ball now than Tebow did at the same point in their careers.”) and Cam Newton (“The only player who compares to his skill set is Cam Newton, who began his career at Florida before transferring to junior college and eventually leading Auburn to the 2010 national championship.”).

There’s plenty more drool where that came from.  The sky’s the limit for Florida.

If Richardson is what the Florida staff believes he can be, the Gators can beat Georgia, LSU and Kentucky and win the SEC East Division.

Makes you wonder what the quarterback whisperer is waiting for.


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61 responses to ““This is a generational talent.”

  1. Handbag Staples was drooling over Richardson this morning as well. Sorry, but do it against a team with a pulse and we’ll start to listen.

    We’ve already manhandled this year’s $Cam in DJ Ukulele. We’ll be ready.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Matt Hayes is such a ‘turd. Most of the staff at SDS are ‘turds.

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    • RangerRuss

      Keep giving ’em hell over there, Corch. The war of intellect on that site isn’t a fair fight. You’re employing a belt-fed chain gun while the other commenters are muzzle loading Brown Bess smooth bores.

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  3. Munsoning

    Let’s see how much of Richardson is left after Bama gets through with him. Even if the Gators get better-than-expected QB play, they’ve given up 34 points to Florida Atlantic and South Florida. Bryce Young & Co. are gonna feast.

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    • Russ

      Is he even going to play? I heard he got hurt at the end of the last game. That would be typical if Bama misses on him and then we get him healthy.

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      • Spell Dawg

        He looked like he strained his hamstring at the end of a TD run, did the telltale straight-legged hop and hobbled his way out of the endzone. Didn’t look too bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mullen sit him to do as you said. Mullen knows he’s going to be throttled this Saturday, no matter who’s in at QB.

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    • RangerRuss

      Bama? I’m thinking Dick’sson might just fake that hamstring injury after he’s introduced to the Dawgs D line. Self preservation and all.

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  4. Ok, 2 things:
    1.) Tebow was not the reason those Florida teams dominated. Not even close. They would have been better with same. Once Percy was no longer around, Timmy was not even close to the same player.
    2.) Cam’s NC team was the weakest team to win a national title since I started watching football in 1991. He won it, good for him, but they easily could/should have lost 4 games that year.

    Richardson might be better than both of them, and still never win anything that matters.

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  5. Russ

    He looked pretty good against OU backups in the Cotton Bowl, but fortunately we seem to have a generational defense this year. Mullen picked the wrong year to focus on running the ball.

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  6. Derek

    Mullen is probably doing the kid a big favor by bringing him along slowly.

    And I am (unfortunately) impressed by the kids abilities as well. He’s big. He’s fast. He has a cannon. He throws a nice ball. What’s not to like?

    It will be interesting to see how the platooning/performance go for them on Saturday.

    Arky, Auburn, UF and UK are shaping up to be challenging outings. It isn’t the clemson, cake walk, seccg season we’d been hoping for.

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  7. jcdawg83

    With a qb like that, beating Bama Saturday should be no problem at all.

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  8. biggusrickus

    Richardson looks good, and I don’t know why he wouldn’t start him unless he’s waiting to get past Alabama so as not to break the kid in a game they won’t win anyway. He’ll make more mistakes over a larger sample size and against better competition, but Jones has already made those mistakes against two awful teams and doesn’t have youth as an excuse.


  9. akascuba

    He better run that crap before his school plays a team with a pulse. This too shall not age well.

    This reminds me of ole Beno Cook claiming a true freshman QB at ND would win 3 Heisman awards before he left to the league.

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    After plenty of mocking Mullen and Trask prior to last year, I’ll refrain from similar mistakes this year.

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    • siskey

      I think Mullen plays both against Bama and Richardson does enough in a blowout loss to become the starter moving forward. Jones is a great athlete and is one of the teams’ leaders. That being said I don’t think Richardson is enough for them to beat us this year.

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  11. whendawgsfly

    Maybe he’s saving him for end of October. He knows 1) they won’t beat Alabama so why put more film out there and 2) back-up quarterbacks are Georgia’s kryptonite. He has us all right where he wants us! Never doubt the Portal Master!!


  12. akascuba

    You ever plays QB for FU will get plenty of chances to shine Saturday.

    Coach Grantham will make sure that the FU offense gets lots of kick offs to work with.

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  13. Jon Godfrey

    You guys need to be careful. Watch this kids snaps. He is scary talented.

    I hate Dan Mullen as a human being and as a coach but I think he is doing the right thing here by offering up Emory Jones as sacrifice to the Bama D. He is showing loyalty to Jones, knows the Richardson kid is far more talented but doesn’t want his confidence shot by a Bama beat down, and also will have a reason to switch to Richardson after the loss. Loss will be on Emory Jones and Mullen will indirectly implicate that but switching QBs.

    I fear this Richardson kid as it stands. Maybe that fear will dissipate after he gets more minutes against better defenses. But we shall see. Kid has a big, accurate arm with a beautiful release plus he can move very well for his size.


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    • miltondawg

      I’m with you. I DVR’d the Florida game and watched the parts with Richardson after seeing on Twitter that he looked good. I realize that USF is dreadful, but Richardson looked very good. The fact that Vegas has Bama as only a 14 point favorite (up to 15.5 depending on where you look) tells me that this could be a game deep into the second half.

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  14. godawgs1701

    Talk to me after he plays Alabama. Hell, that’s probably not even fair, talk to me after he plays Tennessee the week after. Beating Florida Atlantic and South Florida doesn’t impress me.

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  15. sirjackshea1980

    Unless Richardson transfers to South Carolina today, I have no interest. Gator fans are still trying to explain how Cam got away, its amusing.

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  16. Whiskey Dawg

    May he always enjoy an unobstructed view of the Jacksonville sky.

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  17. back9k9

    Wait! I thought Sideshow Dan was the QB whisperer.
    How can it be that Emory Jones is not as good as Trask?
    he’s had enough years of QB Ninja training. I don’t understand.
    I was told…

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  18. Bulldawg Bill

    If Richardson is what the Florida staff believes he can be, the Gators can beat Georgia, LSU and Kentucky and win the SEC East Division.”

    Sounds like “IF” is doing an ass’ of heavy lifting there.

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  19. practicaldawg

    UF fans are always excited about the “next QB” because the current one has generally sucked for the last decade


  20. Godawg

    Really? #FTMF


  21. pedropossum

    Haven’t watched him yet, so right now he doesn’t scare me. I will form my opinion this weekend.

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