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Consider yourself sacked.

For some reason, this reminds me of Fezzik from The Princess Bride.


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Herbie is impressed.

Saturday, I was already headed up to Athens when Gameday was on, so I missed what Herbstreit said about Georgia’s quarterback situation.

With that defense, Georgia could punt every time they get the ball on 1st-and-10, and let the defense go out and play with the punt team, and they can win the rest of their games until they get to Auburn. I don’t care who’s quarterback. Bring somebody out of the stands and have them hand it off.

That actually would have worked.



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A funny thing happened on the way from the football game…

If ever there was a victory that had ‘Dawgraded’ written all over it, it was last Saturday’s crushing of UAB — you know, the team that’s won its mid-major conference a couple of times recently and came in with a significant defensive presence (top fifteen in defensive SP+, for example).  I fully expected to see the Blazers emerge from the rout with a severely diminished reputation in hindsight and Georgia’s win summarily dismissed accordingly.

Instead, Bill Connelly ($$) posted,

Georgia’s 56-7 win against a UAB that had — past tense — a top-15 defense was a massive Week 2 statement…

And here’s The Athletic’s Austin Mock ($$):

… This past week, Georgia was a huge beneficiary as they smoked a solid UAB team and saw its title odds increase from 13.9% to 25.5%. It’s early in the season, but it really seems like it’s a two-horse race between Alabama and Georgia.

Now, two pundits’ opinions doth not a trend make, but I’m still a bit shocked to see anyone take the win straight up like that.  Although, these are stat guys more than simply opinion writers, so maybe they’re both a little more grounded.  That being said, it’s refreshing to see something more nuanced than a reflexive brush off.  Who knows?  Maybe it really is the start of a trend.


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So far, so fast

I don’t know about you, but it’s still a little jarring to see how quickly college athletic departments have embraced player compensation.

I mean, Georgia’s producing hype clips about it, for goodness sake.

Five years ago, I couldn’t imagine a more alien concept.  Weird, hunh…


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You cannot kill the narrative. You can only hope to contain it.

Tired:  “If Dan Mullen hopes to beat Alabama, he cannot repeat Kirby Smart’s mistake”.

Either Florida’s coach is playing coy to throw Alabama off the scent of a coming change, or he’s in danger of falling into the common coaching trap of sticking with his undefeated and more experienced quarterback, rather than turning to the younger, more talented backup.

If the win-loss record doesn’t prove it’s broken, don’t fix it, is often the way coaches handle these quarterback situations.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart got caught in this web twice.

In 2018, Smart started the more experienced Jake Fromm while the more talented freshman, Justin Fields, played in spurts as his backup. Georgia opened the season 6-0 before fizzling to a 11-3 finish, with losses to LSU, Alabama and Texas.

Last season, Georgia started 3-0 behind quarterback Stetson Bennett IV, a former walk-on. His success was a neat narrative, but Georgia’s offensive limitations were apparent.

Meanwhile, the more talented JT Daniels, a Southern California transfer, sat in reserve after being cleared to play following his recovery from an August 2019 knee injury.

Wired:  “It might not matter who plays QB for Georgia”.


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This was so much fun to watch.

Give McConkey another year in the weight room and he’s going to be a total nightmare for opposing defenses.


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One for the books

Want to know how insane Stetson Bennett’s performance on Saturday was?

Well, put it this way:  despite only playing one game, he’s tied for 21st in passing TDs and in the top hundred in passing yardage.  But his 431.53 passer rating doesn’t show up in the official NCAA stats and his 100 QBR doesn’t register at ESPN’s weekly rankings.  Why?  Because each requires 20 passing attempts to qualify and Bennett accomplished what he did on only 12 throws.

That’s off the charts efficiency.  Literally.


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“Day, you magnificent bastard, I read your playbook!”

Win or lose, Jim Harbaugh’s brain is out there somewhere.

Exactly where that is… well, maybe Neil Armstrong knows.


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Musical palate cleanser, rock opera edition

Reading this (make sure you read Isbell’s entire chain)…

… got me to this.


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