Herbie is impressed.

Saturday, I was already headed up to Athens when Gameday was on, so I missed what Herbstreit said about Georgia’s quarterback situation.

With that defense, Georgia could punt every time they get the ball on 1st-and-10, and let the defense go out and play with the punt team, and they can win the rest of their games until they get to Auburn. I don’t care who’s quarterback. Bring somebody out of the stands and have them hand it off.

That actually would have worked.


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  1. Russ

    Don’t give Kirby any ideas. 😉

    Early Kirby would have considered it, but current Kirby has seen the light. Monken shall lead the way.

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  2. dawgphan34

    Meh. This team has a long way to go until we think they can just turn it on when they need it. This team needs spend the time getting better instead of trying to make it through the games.

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  3. Ran A

    It was a joke… And it was a funny one guys… He wasn’t suggesting that they actually do it.


  4. Down Island Way

    Agent Herbstreit…can’t believe his words now, don’t believe his words later concerning UGA football…

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  5. Jack Klompus

    Isn’t that what Beamer is doing?

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  6. miltondawg

    Herbie is the college version of the Peter King Theory. Like Peter King with the NFL, probably knows more about a variety of teams across the country than many Georgia fans but way less about Georgia than most of the Georgia fans. I heard Herbie on 680 last week and he didn’t even know the names of some of the kids on Georgia he was talking about (e.g. “that quarterback” instead of JT Daniels or even just Daniels).


    • sirjackshea1980

      I do wonder if he remembers the names of his sons who play for Clemson and Ohoho State. Unfortunately for the college football viewing world, Herbstreit is actually a pretty sharp guy, although he hides it well. Since he ended his college career with a loss to….wait for it…Georgia… in the 92 Citrus Bowl, Herbstreit saying anything positive about Georgia football must grind his innards. Fortunately, again, he does not get much payback for earlier drubbings, unlike Steve Spurrier.

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  7. Terry McCullers

    He’ll be on the Oregon train this week.


  8. poetdawg

    Not original, Herbie. That’s the strategy that Coach Red Beaulieu used in the Waterboy to try to neutralize Bobby Boucher and win the Bourbon Bowl. It didn’t work.

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  9. godawgs1701

    Truly the yin to the Presbyterian College coach’s yang.


    • HirsuteDawg

      The Presbyterian College guy is who USC needs to hire.


    • rigger92

      I live about 20 miles from there, I’m tempted to go to a game but I also don’t want to miss all the other games. Their first two games have them scoring 84 and 68 points. I don’t anything about who they’ve played so far but that is crazy.


  10. srhoades14

    I love how Rece went on to say maybe it’s Kentucky that goes on to challenge UGA for the SECEast…FL not even picked as the runner-up.😂

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