One for the books

Want to know how insane Stetson Bennett’s performance on Saturday was?

Well, put it this way:  despite only playing one game, he’s tied for 21st in passing TDs and in the top hundred in passing yardage.  But his 431.53 passer rating doesn’t show up in the official NCAA stats and his 100 QBR doesn’t register at ESPN’s weekly rankings.  Why?  Because each requires 20 passing attempts to qualify and Bennett accomplished what he did on only 12 throws.

That’s off the charts efficiency.  Literally.



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17 responses to “One for the books

  1. rigger92

    I could see that SBIV could probably do it again if the brain trust trots him out there Saturday and let him get inked into the record books.

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    • Down Island Way

      Just think if he would have thrown 20 or so passes (all things being equal), the new listings/rankings would be called “The book of Stetson”…UGA style…


  2. sundiatagaines

    I’ve been waiting for some more stats on his day.

    When is the last time an FBS QB threw 4 TD’s in his first 5 passes? That can’t happen often.


  3. akascuba

    The only way to grow the legend now is come off the bench and throw a championship game winning TD pass.

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  4. 86bone

    Someone please convince me why Stetson shouldn’t start against USC Saturday…I’ll hang up and wait

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    • bmacdawg87

      I’m all for it. There is zero reason to rush JT back in there if he is not back to 100%. Those obliques can be tricky and we are going to need him 100% come October.

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  5. mg4life0331

    It’s also an outlier. Literally.


    • Russ

      …based on last season. We don’t know if this is his new normal after full year with Monken’s attention. Sackerlina would be a low risk way to find out.

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  6. David K

    Getting back a little to the discussion yesterday regarding starting Stetson which goes along with this post.. The Dawgs are in a different stratosphere with recruiting. The whole landscape of college football has shifted so that there are 4-5 teams that have hoarded all of the talent and are head and shoulders above everyone else. Yes, Oregon or other good teams are capable of a surprise win over one of the elite teams but for the most part all of the best players from across the whole country are going to play for 4-5 schools. Therefore, everything Georgia should be focusing on is putting ourselves in position to win the key games at the end of the year against those teams. We’re so much better than UAB, and there’s far more of a gap than even playing against them 5 years ago. We’re capable of beating the dogshit out of South Carolina this weekend, it doesn’t matter who plays quarterback. Yes, Stetson’s stat line is impressive but it should be expected with our embarrassment of riches. Stetson’s QB rating and great day are not a justification for the argument of playing him. To beat Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma when it matters we need a team like what Kirby has assembled. And Carson Beck is part of that equation. God forbid JT goes down, we will need an elite quarterback to win against those teams. Stetson, god bless him he’s a DGD, has a ceiling. Can you imagine having a little, scrappy, Rudy type, walk on nose tackle backup for Jordan Davis that we would depend on to win games? We recruit the top talent for the first string and backups. Carson Beck isn’t as good as Stetson today, everyone understands that. But Kirby has to get him ready. After watching Tua, Jalen Hurts come in as backups and take care of business against us we should know better. Celebrating Stetson’s great day is nice but we could have gotten a full games experience under Beck’s belt to work with. And if Kirby knows that Carson doesn’t have it and isn’t who we can depend on, then Vandagriff should have played every snap.


  7. 69Dawg

    Stetson Bennett IV will go down as the greatest relief pitcher in UGA history. Why would you send in a rookie when you have a reliever like SB4. Come on people JT will be back when he’s ready.

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  8. mongodawg

    Thats right!
    Ive lurked here as long as I can remember but this Beck/Bennet crap has gotten oughta hand.

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  9. originaluglydawg

    Right now, Bennett is better than Beck. But Beck has a huge upside that needs to be developed. Yeah, we could beat most teams with any of our QB’s having even a so-so day…but by allowing the most mature and safest choice, Monken was able to run the whole offense. It’s important to develop the whole offense and not just the QB. Ideally, we get both done before Christmas…or at least the offense. The QB doesn’t really have to be completely ready until 2022, barring an injury to Daniels.