This was so much fun to watch.

Give McConkey another year in the weight room and he’s going to be a total nightmare for opposing defenses.


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  1. He was moving and a couple of excellent cuts to get additional yards. No dancing.

    That shows he’s going to be a good punt returner as well.

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    • Down Island Way

      While in the weight room, the staff gives # 84 an after burner gear, I can fly with that…

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      • moe pritchett

        He has great vision. He was probably a solid 4.4 guy when he showed up but I think he’s shaved that down pretty good.
        He also has added some weight too. He has to be close to 180-185. He’s going to get better & bigger. Level out 185-190
        His dad was quite the athlete too. Probably a 4* QB ( 6’3”- 6’4” 200 and could run) was recruited heavily out of Dalton HS. I know Fulmer was all over his dad and Tom Osborne too.
        Dad took Dalton to the semi finals two years in a row vs 2x state champs Thomas County Central.

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  2. David D

    He’s not quite the nightmare for opposing defenses yet…but he could become quite the “bad dream” this season. That kid has some jets.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin



  4. You can see why the staff has talked about him as a potential kick/punt returner going forward. Great elusiveness in small spaces while running mainly north and south.

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  5. akascuba

    Against that competition he certainly possesses a gear they don’t. Hopefully a lot more good things in his future.

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  6. practicaldawg

    Edelman 2.0


  7. topgunsdawg

    The 3* 1161st ranked player in the 2020 class? That means Kirby would have to develop his players. Probably not happening…

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  8. moe pritchett

    The wife loses her shot every time his name is called; he’s her cousin. I get kinda jacked up myself.

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  9. MGW

    That right there is why he got a scholarship.


  10. Gaskilldawg

    I don’t know how to link the video of Bowers’s 89 yard TD. If you get a chance to watch it look how fast 84 is running down the field with Bowers. He was gaining ground on Bowers and the defensive backs, emonstrating he is the fastest player in the frame. I was surprised and impressed.

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  11. NotMyCrossToBear

    Amazing lateral movement. He’s able to do it without losing much forward momentum.


  12. stoopnagle

    Boys, we’ve found our Andy Isabella.

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  13. saltwaterdawg21

    Start this video at around 2:05. I remember watching it right after he signed, and thinking I can’t wait to see him in the slot.


  14. Wolfman

    I don’t know who #17 Meeks is, but I really like the way he blocks. I’m sure Kirby likes it too.


  15. pedropossum

    Rewatch Bower’s 88 yard td. 84 comes down the field catches him and runs with him effortlessly. Bowers has wheels, Ladd is really fast.


  16. trbodawg

    Watch #21 for UAB. He’s the man responsible for Ladd.


  17. whb209

    Quick feet


  18. bigjohnson1992

    Yes. More please.


  19. Odontodawg

    Ladd might be my favorite “surprise” recruit in a long time. Have hoped and expected great things from him since his signing. I could see him develop into a Danny Amendola/Hunter Renfrow type player with even better return skills. Can’t wait to watch him grow into the program.