You cannot kill the narrative. You can only hope to contain it.

Tired:  “If Dan Mullen hopes to beat Alabama, he cannot repeat Kirby Smart’s mistake”.

Either Florida’s coach is playing coy to throw Alabama off the scent of a coming change, or he’s in danger of falling into the common coaching trap of sticking with his undefeated and more experienced quarterback, rather than turning to the younger, more talented backup.

If the win-loss record doesn’t prove it’s broken, don’t fix it, is often the way coaches handle these quarterback situations.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart got caught in this web twice.

In 2018, Smart started the more experienced Jake Fromm while the more talented freshman, Justin Fields, played in spurts as his backup. Georgia opened the season 6-0 before fizzling to a 11-3 finish, with losses to LSU, Alabama and Texas.

Last season, Georgia started 3-0 behind quarterback Stetson Bennett IV, a former walk-on. His success was a neat narrative, but Georgia’s offensive limitations were apparent.

Meanwhile, the more talented JT Daniels, a Southern California transfer, sat in reserve after being cleared to play following his recovery from an August 2019 knee injury.

Wired:  “It might not matter who plays QB for Georgia”.



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36 responses to “You cannot kill the narrative. You can only hope to contain it.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oy. Not a meme, a canard.

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  2. originaluglydawg

    I saw that last night and had to quit reading it because it’s so ridiculously sickening in it’s shallowness.
    When I saw the bullshit about Fromm and Eason I just couldn’t go any further .What a load of shit.

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  3. Biggen

    It won’t matter. If its the same ol’e UF Defense then Bama will get to 50 on them. UF won’t be able to keep up.

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  4. akascuba

    This lame crap will continue until Kirby wins a NC. Hopefully done while beating Bama for full effect.

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  5. wts1976

    I guess Blake Topp doesn’t do too much research. Jake Fromm isn’t necesssarily what made us lose to Bama in the National Championship and SEC championship. He actually played quite well in those games. We decided to go a bit conservative with a lead in the natty and our D couldn’t handle Jalen coming back in. I don’t see Jake Fromm causing our losses.

    Black is also suggesting that we should have played JT Daniel before he was ready? After Jamie Newman quit, we were left with Mathis and Bennett. Who did Kirby choose to start. The young physically talented QB.

    Should Kirby have let Fields get more meaningful play time and maybe kept him interested? Yes.

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    • dawg100

      Exactly, and when Eason was ready, he stuck with the younger frosh.

      And did the same with Season the year before. Went with the more talented frosh Eason.

      Is it possible that Fields wasn’t ready?

      I say he wasn’t. Witness the Auburn debacle starting on AU’s 2 and degressing back to their 20! All on Field’s immaturity.

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    • ugafidelis

      Yep. And if you look back at both of those games, we lost a major contributor (Wims/Walker) in each.


    • Russ

      Don’t cloud the issue with facts. The writer has clicks to harvest and stooges to feed.


  6. originaluglydawg

    BTW…Senator Blutarsky..
    At the risk of being labeled a sycophant, I want to thank you for this blog.
    Most of us are UGA Football junkies and we search daily for news and articles on the Dawgs. You fill in the whole week with rich and on-point information, opinions and insight.
    I check in several times each day.
    I am always a little dismayed when the last post of the day goes up…but look forward to the next morning with GTP and my coffee.
    GTP is a treasure!
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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  7. akascuba

    If Mullen starts Richardson it’s because he believes he can win this game with him. If EJ is the starter Mullen is playing the long game expecting to lose protecting the future starter. There is no risk if FU falls way behind then Richardson comes in. If he does well it allows Mullen a way to jump over the long waiting EJ without blowback on himself.

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  8. Why am I not surprised that a Tuscaloosa writer would find a way to shit on Kirby in a story about a game in which UGA isn’t even involved.

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  9. moe pritchett

    Sometimes I wonder if these writers have actually ever watched a fooseball game.

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  10. Godawg

    Same shit, different day. Not gonna matter who plays. #FTMF

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  11. beatarmy92

    What is it with reporters? Sports, politics, or otherwise why do they all write the same things? They are like slaves chained to oars in a galley all pulling the same thing at the same time and completely unable to do anything else. Inexplicable.

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  12. Ran A

    These people… It’s a good thing you can get by with banging the same drum in sports, otherwise, I think most of them would be taking orders at a McDonalds somewhere… Simple minded M’fers…

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  13. Jack Klompus

    I agree with this guy. And what kind of idiot starts Fitzpatrick at TE over both Washington and Gilbert?

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  14. sirjackshea1980

    To paraphrase an old friend who was one, “sports reporting is the last bastion of the marginally talented.”

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  15. Texas Dawg

    I thought he was going to say “don’t take your foot off the gas pedal like Kirby did against Alabama in the NC game”. That would have made sense. The other is a load of crap. You don’t bench the guy (Fromm) when you are winning. As for the other, Daniels was NOT READY to play. As soon as he was he did.

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  16. GruvenDawg

    Man…This guy sure does like to share his revisionist history about UGA to the masses…I wonder why?


  17. Why is it so hard for people to understand that Daniels was hurt last year??


  18. At first, I was thinking it would be nice to see FU give them a good game. But, while I am as sick of Bama winning as anyone, I do not want Sabans 1st loss to a former coach to be to mullet of all people. I hope it’s a destruction!