If it’s not one thing…

it’s another.

Georgia defeated UAB 56-7 on Saturday without the services of starting quarterback JT Daniels, who is battling an oblique injury. The fourth-year junior quarterback is making strides in his effort to return to action but the guy responsible for five passing touchdowns in that win over the Blazers, Stetson Bennett IV, is dealing with an injury of his own.

According to Kirby Smart, both quarterbacks are practicing this week but it’s quite possible that neither of them are 100 percent healthy.

“Yeah JT feels much better,” Smart said on Tuesday. “He’s continuing to improve. He’s better now than he was on Saturday. I don’t know that he’s 100 percent. But he’s certainly getting closer to that. Stetson is repping, JT is repping, and Carson (Beck) is repping. Stetson’s actually got some lower-back issue that he strained some stuff, but the’s able to go, but I don’t know that he’s 100 percent. He’s been dinged up since Monday morning, but he went out and practiced. So they’re all three practicing, and I wouldn’t say – I think Carson is 100 percent healthy, but the other two are pushing back.”

That Herbstreit strategy is looking better and better.  Seriously, if there’s a good time to be working out the injury situation, it’s now, with South Carolina and Vanderbilt coming up.  Survive, advance and get healthy (healthier?) for Auburn.


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18 responses to “If it’s not one thing…

  1. RangerRuss

    Stet’s back should hurt from carrying the offense as he did.

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  2. moe pritchett

    Is Vandagriff that far behind?


  3. practicaldawg

    There’s also something to be said for forcing your opponent to have to scheme for 3 different QBs

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  4. Stetson is a DGD, but we really need JT back and ready to play.


  5. I’ve given up worrying about who’s playing in any given week (at any position). I enjoy the games a lot more just rooting for who is actually on the field instead of thinking about who “should” be on the field.

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  6. unionjackgin

    Auburn? I hope we are healthy when we play Arkansas.

    We might have a big edge in talent against the Razorbacks but with Pittman as the HC, Arkansas will play a very physical style that can be punishing and difficult.

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    • 123 Fake St

      This. Auburn is not good. Arkansas will give us a fight. You can count on that.

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      • Russ

        We’ll see how good Auburn is this weekend. I know the competition hasn’t been there, but it’s hard to score 60 points back to back against air.

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        • Totally agree…those 2 assistants, the OC and DC at Auburn are in their wheelhouse coaching positions, even if the HC is a knucklehead, those two know how to coach offenses and defenses…aside from Bama, I think Auburn is a wrecking ball in the West.

          Oh, and Auburn still sucks. I do not care for them.

          I wish Ark the best (except when they come to play us)…but keep an eye on those shitheads at the Opelika cow college

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      • Whiskey Dawg

        I agree. Arkansas right now looks more of a challenge than Auburn.

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        • Munsoning

          If I recall, Texas had no passing game, so Arky could crowd the LOS. Arky’s offense looks to be run-heavy, though they have a semblance of a passing game. Don’t see how the Dawgs struggle vs. the Fightin’ Pittmans at home, unless there’s a rash of turnovers.

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          • unionjackgin

            A lot of my worry (is that the right word?) is due to my love & affinity for Munson. Larry (RIP) would never look that far ahead and dismiss an opponent.

            He would find something to worry about against South Carolina, Vandy, and Arkansas.

            However, I have confidence in this edition of the Bulldogs and the coaching staff that I think we can peek ahead a few weeks. Saturday’s performance on the defensive side of the ball against UAB is great evidence that they will not take anyone so lightly.

            We should beat Arkansas but their style of physical play along with being coached by Pittman and with a DC like Odom (both of whom are well-acquainted with us) is the kind of game Munson would never look past.

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  7. Kirby can’t manage his QB room Pawwwwwllll!