Today, in punditry

Say you didn’t watch the Georgia-UAB game without saying you didn’t watch the Georgia-UAB game:

And yes, Georgia has questions at quarterback and still hasn’t stretched the field on offense.


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  1. dawg100

    Geez, the dumb inanity. It hurts to read.


  2. NotMyCrossToBear

    Fucking idiot.

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  3. ZeroPOINTzero

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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  4. akascuba

    Coach Beamer also said this week Georgia’s current roster is the greatest assembly of talent in their history. Nothing like getting the local writers ready for an epic blood letting. Maybe meant greatest since I’ve been HC here.

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  5. Remember the Quincy

    That entire article was painful to read.


    • Down Island Way

      The sc hc has an uneasy feeling about the impending defeat at the wave of depth that is UGA football, he has seen the film on hand, spreading the word that he’ll love those student athletes no matter the beating they are going to experience…kinda’ like General Custer as the captain of the Titanic, “we’re going down and we’re going down hard”…

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  6. Whiskey Dawg

    South Carolina is going to get something stretched on Saturday night. It’ll be a long ride back to Columbia standing up.

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  7. “Everyone has a plan until you get your arm caught in the wood chipper “ – Paul Bunyan

    I like the TikTok nod in the title, but Coach Beamer ain’t gonna be dancing like he’s at Applebee’s on Sat night…the lame cocks are going to hit a buzz saw on sat, and then after that they can see how much love and kumbaya they have in the locker room

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  8. Clayton Joiner

    Wow, now that is a classic foot-in-mouth comment…smh


  9. Dawg93

    In defense of Beamer, I think the headline itself is completely misleading to the average SC fan. UGA is not a “true barometer” for Beamer as a HC. There’s a reason that this is the largest UGA-SC spread since God knows when and it has a lot more to do with the talent on each sideline and less to do with who is the Cocks’ HC.

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    • miltondawg

      Pretty sure that I heard yesterday on the radio that it was THE largest spread in the 73 game history of the series (at least as long as there has been odds). When Vegas has the money line for Georgia at -10000 (bet $10,000 to win $100) and SC +1500 (win $1,500 on a $100 bet), you know that this should be a woodshedding like none other.

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  10. Castleberry

    Serious question. Does Saturday’s win give us a South Carolina state championship – or do we need to beat Coastal?

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  11. whybotherdude

    BY stretch the field does he mean add 10 yards like the CFL, otherwise I have no idea of the concept.


  12. Ran A

    I don’t know what it is about Beamer; but I don’t like him and I cannot stand the average USCjr. fan – almost as bad as UT. I hope we beat them 63-0.

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  13. archiecreek

    I can understand why Keith Farmer, “a former newspaper veteran”, is now a freelancer…
    He’s just about a dumbass!!

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  14. Muschamp stole the recruiting whiteboard when he left but Kirby erased it.