TFW you trust Todd Monken’s play design

If a picture’s worth a thousand words…


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24 responses to “TFW you trust Todd Monken’s play design

  1. Ran A

    Not a bad thing for JT to watch some things from the side lines either. Gives you more perspective. Monkey is scheming guys open all over the place. Georgia’s going to be fine on the offensive side of the ball.

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    • Down Island Way

      UAB hc acknowledged their d was some what fooled by formations that on previous film said run play and UGA football passed out of those formations, is convincing enough that confusion for the opposition is alive and well at UGA football…(just cause klempzen tried it, don’t mean squat now)…

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  2. stoopnagle

    I won’t be able to tell until a clipboard flies through the air.


  3. RangerRuss

    That’s so nice.

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  4. californiadawg

    How far we’ve come from Coley’s passing trees.

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  5. akascuba

    One of the few benefits of staying home last Saturday was watching JT and SBIV together on the sidelines. They are very clearly were having a great time together on the sidelines.

    It’s a real luxury to have a #3 QB ready when needed to smoothly jump in and light up the scoreboard and no QB controversy.
    Kirby said after the game he rarely visits the QB room. Just more proof Monken has the keys to the offense his way.

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  6. JaxDawg

    Slow mo’d it…JTD signaled TD before smith was even 1 full stride into his route. Beautiful.

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  7. Terry McCullers

    I believe Kirby has been converted!


  8. Russ

    These are the kind of cool views you get in the stadium but not at the game. I have framed picture of Herschel breaking the freshman rushing record against Tech on his long TD run. It’s taken from the end zone with Herschel running at you. I love looking up into the stands as multiple people are jumping out of their seats signaling touchdown as Herschel has just broken through the secondary.


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    • Russ

      I meant “you get in the stadium but not ON TV”. Damn.


    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      I viewed that touchdown run by Herschel leaning against the fence out by the tracks, as my brother and I decided to leave our seats for the second half to be there for the last game that could be viewed from the tracks.

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  9. bucketheridge

    Shockley mentioned on a sideline report that Daniels told him just before the snap on, I believe it was Bowers’ wheel route, that if we got quarters coverage that it was a TD. We did, and it was.


  10. 123 Fake St

    Love it. Obviously these guys have practiced these plays and know what will work in certain defensive alignments.


  11. sirjackshea1980

    Meanwhile, on the radio broadcast, DJ was talking to JT….


  12. Tim B

    What is interesting about the early reaction is that not only did the they know that the wr would be open but they expected the ball would be on the money.

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    • akascuba

      Reminded me of Kiffin when he was running Bama’s offense throwing his hands up to signal touchdown at the snap. I could easily get used to that type of success given the chance.


  13. Sweet D

    To have those skill guys visually prognosticating before the play develops, from the sideline no less, tells me they have a great understanding of what Moncken is trying to do. And trust it.

    This is going to be fun.

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  14. Texas Dawg

    I suspect that after watching the reactions on the sideline, you’re going to have to be a pretty good poker player to play in this offense. When you’re lined up across from a DB with a HUGE shit eating grin on your face, it will be like when you are sitting there with a royal flush and needing to keep a straight face. You get so damned excited with what’s about to happen that you give it away.

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  15. While I hope Pickens makes it back, this is why we just need a few others back. Like the KC offense, Monken is going to get an inside receiver open on most every play. Speed kills. And if their D goes Dime, it’s RTDB time.

    Grantham is going to blitz us and follow Venables’ approach, that’s why our OL and WRs need to be in full force by the Cocktail Party. Not sure their is another DC WITH TALENT who can hope to shut us down…until Bama. But…South Carolina first.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    WAIT A MINUTE! HOLD THE PHONE! This is GEORGIA. Signaling a TD on THE BOMB ain’t natural.


  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    Also, J.T. Daniels is chomping at the bit to get the car keys back.

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