Better than we think?

A couple of stat charts for your perusal:

While I haven’t been thrilled with the push the o-line has gotten in the run game so far, the good news is that they haven’t leaked very much.  Georgia has only allowed one sack in its first two games and six tackles for loss.  Both rank top ten nationally; after playing a very good defensive front in Clemson’s, that’s an impressive showing.

Now, can somebody tell me what’s up with Alabama’s o-line?


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13 responses to “Better than we think?

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    They suck.

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    • kokainmothershed

      But apparently they have a big left tackle who is adept at jumping and balancing on plyometric boxes. (the video clip of which is the leading contender for this season’s “Jake Fromm hit home runs in the LLWS!”)

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  2. originaluglydawg

    Keeping in mind who each of these teams have played, Georgia’s stats are more impressive. Don’t understand how ‘Bama’s are that poor. I have no idea how good UF’s competition has been, but they haven’t played Clemson.

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    • stoopnagle

      Bama is fucking around. Saban has been on a tear, pissed off, and telling stories about his dad’s “reckonings” when he didn’t do things right because the players are apparently reading the rat poison. I don’t know what that means for tomorrow: either Bama is going to respond to Saban and murder UF or UF is going to catch them feeling superior and make a game of it.


  3. originaluglydawg

    Does Bryce Young have a propensity to abandon the pocket too soon?


  4. akascuba

    The Bama QB seems to run out of the pocket rather than step up and trust his O line.

    He’s personally more comfortable running around to extend plays causing defenders to cover for 6+ seconds which is impossible. The big question is what happens when he faces a defense with elite speed for the first time.

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  5. spur21

    Sacks and picks comes to mind.

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  6. Like others in this thread, I find it difficult to believe that Bama’s o line is struggling and wonder if it has something to do with a QB that is squirrely in the pocket?

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  7. TripleB

    I suspect we’ll find out about Bama’s line a little more this week. I think Florida has some good pressure guys. My guess is ya’ll are right that it’s mor their qb than a line deficiency (though I hope we’re wrong because we can rush pretty damn well if we have to play them).

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  8. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Bryce Young is a young QB, and as most young QBs do, he holds onto the ball too long.

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  9. ASEF

    Everyone’s new. Including the coaches. RT is still being auditioned. It’s clearly a Work in Progress. High end raw materials, though.

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    We will know a lot more about Alabama and also a lot more about Florida after this weekend. I might even watch that game.

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