Rise and shine, campers!

It’s game day.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    GO DAWGS! I graduated with Richard Appleby. Our class, being the first of the two high schools combined, went through some tough times. A great person, wonderful player and DGD!

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  2. Illini84

    I have to think of Lyle Alzado after the pre-game prayer, https://youtu.be/DCT__l4_m4g

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  3. akascuba

    It’s Saturday!

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  4. Dawglicious

    Happy Game Day, y’all! Go Dawgs

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  5. mwodieseldawg

    DJ Shockley had a great story on the 5 during the news this week. If you missed it you need to find it.

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  6. Let’s show up in Athens and honor these 5 men tonight:

    Richard Appleby
    Chuck Kinnebrew
    Horace King
    Clarence Pope
    Larry West

    Damn Good Dawgs all!

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  7. 86bone

    I hate SC with every fiber in my body, about as much as I hate Clemson. I can’t wait until the game tonight as I want to not only see UGA honor 5 great gentlemen and Dawgs, but to watch our defense suffocate those cocky bastards from Columbia.
    SBIV or “Huckleberry”, I don’t care who is at the controls, I’m ready to lay the wood tonight!
    GO DAWGS🐾🐶

    PS…Tri Tip & Manhattans on tonight’s menu💪🏼

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  8. TEXBaller

    Bama/Dawgs Exacta today.


  9. I’m finally headed back to the ol’ hometown for the first time since the world went crazy. If you see tears in my eyes when they play the Battle Hymn, try not to judge. It’s not about being a girl; it’s about being a Bulldog through and through. Go Dawgs!!

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  10. Derek

    Those accused of boo-birding, naysaying and/or bandwagoning, and then found wanting, should be sentenced to watching that on a loop Ludovico-style:

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  11. Gaskilldawg

    “Appleby to Washington!!!! 80 yards!!! Gator Bowl rocking, stunned!!!! The girders are bending now!!! Appleby just stopped, planted his feet and threw it, and Washington, thinking of Montreal and the Olympics, ran out of his shoes down the middle!!!”
    One of the greatest moments of my undergraduate days. Remember it as if it was yesterday.

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  12. sirjackshea1980

    Ahhhh Jesus God, Im peaking too early. calm, calm, calm.

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  13. Russ

    Hell yeah!! Put me in, coach!