Chaos is entertaining.

Moving a little slow today (that’s what getting back at 1:30 in the morning will do for a soul), so I haven’t yet had the chance to dig into yesterday’s replays, but I will say that I’m very much not surprised at the media’s reaction to the day’s doings.  And really, it’s kind of funny to watch the progression from the early season “it’s gonna be the same old, same old in the CFP” to the sudden embrace of chaos.  Florida’s pressing of Alabama until the very end is the primary source of that, of course, but the struggles of programs like Clemson and Ohio State have fed into the latest narrative.

Read, for example, Dan Wolken’s take, which, ironically, is a defense of Alabama still being the king (which I admit I’m still buying into).

And yet, if you’re trying to create a scenario where somebody other than Alabama wins the College Football Playoff this year, the first few weeks of the season have not exactly given us a lot of options. If not Alabama, then who?

An Ohio State team with a verifiably bad defense that had another scare this week against Tulsa?

A Clemson team struggling to score touchdowns against everybody?

An Oklahoma team that couldn’t impose its will on Tulane and Nebraska?

Notoriously unreliable programs like Georgia and Oregon?

Every college football season, we reach a point where certain results seem so random that it’s impossible to make sense of where these teams stand and it’s easier to just throw your hands up and declare that everybody’s mediocre.

But this season, it’s actually happening! At least for the moment, even the good teams aren’t looking very good.

Over at The Athletic, Nicole Auerbach ($$) bumped Florida up to number four on her Top 10 list, despite the loss at home, because the Gators “went toe-to-toe with the program that sets the standard for the sport”.

I do think 2021 is shaping up as a season without a truly dominant team, unlike the two seasons that preceded it.  I’m just not sure that’s enough to guarantee the uncertainty that the media is yearning for.  We’ll see.


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  1. theotherdoug

    Saban will work to fix their issues, and will most likely succeed.

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    • They are complacent, unfocused, took a step back at OC, and still have a DC who is in over his head. Saban ain’t fixing that this year; someone, if not 2 teams are getting them this year.

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  2. rigger92

    Safe to say that Saban’s OC will be having the worst week of his life. Gawd it would be awesome if someone could record the rant Saban is going to give that guy. Probably number two would be the lashing his D is going to get this week.

    I can’t figure out Lincoln Riley, it’s like he has a right hand drive Ferrari and likes it.

    FL played a good game, we need our OLine to improve, assuming that AL line isn’t bad.

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    • Texas Dawg

      The thing that stood out the most to me in that game was how soft the ‘Bama defense was. #FTMF ran it right down their throats, and seemed to have the little spot open in the middle for 8-10 yards on every play. The OC may get an ass chewing, but the DC will be lucky if he has any ass left at all.

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  3. We’re nobody and Danny boy’s impressive losing is worthy of the #2 ranking. Imagine when he loses to us….first pick for the CFP for just playing so many good teams!

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  4. gurkhadawg

    Right now we would curb stomp bama. By the time SECCG rolls around they will be ready and it will be a classic.

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    When Washington comes back Monken is going to go 2 TEs (Washington, Bower) 2 WR and open a can on ever DC. If they go nickel he’s going to man all them. When they put a LB on the TE or RB the band will be playing real soon. That personnel grouping is a nightmare.

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    • theotherdoug

      Yeah, it was obvious he is developing Bowers into a Pitts type guy. That will open up the playbook for a lot of motion and mismatches for Washington, Bowers, and Cook.

      Who you gonna put on Bowers when he motions out to WR? Don’t forget to account for Cook coming out of the backfield. Oh and that Washington guy can seal an edge or release to be a receiving threat.

      Oh, and they also might stay in 2 TE and go Man Ball on you.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Two of the absolute worst national CFB writers there are, Wolken and Auerbach, are better ignored than given any credence whatsoever.

    Their writing isn’t fit to be used as toilet paper.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Don’t tell the Tech crowd that!! They’re still tryin’ to teach ’em how to use toilet paper instead of corncobs!!!


  7. 69Dawg

    We have Offensive line issues. Particularly the center and Ericson, they are not dancing to the same tune. If they keep it up JT will be out again. 1st string Dline is great but when 99 goes out the fear seems to go out with him. If the SEC refs had wanted to call holding last night the game would have lasted until midnight. USCe was holding on for dear life and I think the zebras were just feeling sorry for them. Speed got schooled last night by #6, OC’s will take notice. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln the games was as boring as I can remember in a long time.

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  8. charlottedawg

    I don’t remember the last season where 3 weeks into it, there was already this much disruption in the preseason top 5 and 10.

    However, at the expense of stating the obvious, there’s still a ton of football left to be played and teams evolve. As it relates to Georgia, October now looks like a much tougher stretch than it appeared at the beginning of the season (arky, auburn, UK, end with the Gators). In regards to Florida, as much as I would like them to suck they’re going to be a problem, not unbeatable, but Georgia will definitely have to play like the #2 team in the nation to secure the East in Jacksonville and emerge with all goals still on track.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “…this much disruption in the preseason top 5 and 10.”
      I haven’t seen this much disruption in the 5 and 10 since the Woolworth’s burned down!!!

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Notoriously unreliable programs like Georgia and Oregon?”

    That’s BS. For the last 5 years, we’ve been nothing if not reliable: Lots of wins, great D, 1 or 2 frustrating losses. You can take that to the bank.

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  10. moe pritchett

    Parity maybe?
    Several teams do not seem to be as shady as usual
    Arkansas seems better. Florida looked suspect at times. WTH Oklahoma ?
    Definitely a strange year.

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  11. ASEF

    At this pace, the flaws in Clemson, Ohio State, and Okie are just locking in the SEC championship game as a seeding opportunity, unless Lane can pull the upset. Which is feasible. Which is not the same thing as likely.

    Would just be Georgia’s luck to knock off Bama Round 1 and then have to do a Round 2

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    • sniffer

      Watching UF come to life in the second half, I wondered if Bama has a defense that can carry them to the SECCG. Injuries and depth are a problem now and they can’t afford any more regression. I’m still undecided if UF’s offense was that good or UA’s defense that bad.

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  12. Down Island Way

    It’s week 4, vandy is a nooner game, vandy offense is up and coming, UGA football is up and dismantling…keep choppin’ wood…


  13. classiccitycanine

    I love chaos! Bring on the upsets!


  14. Russ

    I see Bama losing to Ole Miss.


  15. Tony BarnFart

    Dan Wolken is a douche.