Name that caption, walking wounded edition

Hmmm… wonder what they’re discussing.

Suggest away in the comments.


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31 responses to “Name that caption, walking wounded edition

  1. pantslesspatdye

    We should get Nolan over here to keep the count going

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  2. rigger92

    Yo, look at this FL game, we gotta get healthy….

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  3. Bulldawg Bill

    “Let us pray…”


  4. “I just got by level 4000 on Candy Crush!”

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    We gotta get back in there or we’ll be Pipped!

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  6. ‘Told you this manball was some bullshit…now they’re lighting it up through the air…I’m gonna heal up and get mine!”

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  7. drunkenmonken

    Anyone heard from Arik?

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    • aim260

      Don’t hold your breath. Based upon what I’ve been able to glean, football ain’t the top priority at this time. Hopefully he’ll make it back, but I wouldn’t put serious money on it.


      • aim260

        And I get that’s a caption, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

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      • Skeptic Dawg

        That is what I have heard as well. The kid has serious medical/psychological issues to over come. I do not expect him to play football this year.


        • bigjohnson1992

          That much is obvious. But we already knew that and recruited him again anyway? Did we actually have a plan for his already documented mental health? Not mad at all, but he took up a lot of snaps over the summer, for us not to have him locked in/down tight.


  8. pdawg30577

    “Do y’all remember that time I grabbed that Tech fucker by the facemask and drove him face first into the wall that time? It was on national TV! Here, it’s on YouTube, let me pull it up …”

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  9. jdawg108

    Maybe Kirby’ll put me in as QB in the next series.


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Bro, no. You’re supposed to us the plants to SHOOT to the zombies!


  11. Texas Dawg

    Maybe it will work this time

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  12. Migraine Boy

    Did anyone see a shot of Darnell on the sideline after an INC to Bowers where it looked like he was pantomiming “reaching out” for a reception to someone else?


  13. sniffer

    “Coach Courson said as soon as this splinter heals, I’m straight. What did he say about your feet getting bigger every day, Darnell?”

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  14. gurkhadawg

    Maaan, shit, can that girl twerk or what?

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  15. Skeptic Dawg

    Are we to believe that any of these guys will play this season? Several kids across the country have experienced foot injuries that are season ending. And we all know how knee surgery works by now. Are there confirmed updates that point to a return this season for any of the 3?


  16. One…Two…Three….See? I told you that was only 3 downs, not 4!

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  17. Morris Day

    “Peep this, Nicky Minaj sent me pics of her cousin’s friends ballsack!”

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  18. RangerRuss

    “Courson is back. We have to replace Pedro’s voodoo shit.”
    “It’s very bad to steal Jobu’s rum. It’s very bad.”


  19. “Let’s stand here and remind them that we’ve yet to reach our final form.”

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to call the 2017 team the standard of Georgia football over the last few decades. I believe the main factor was injuries, or the lack of injuries. That was one of healthiest teams I remember. The 2021 team isn’t close to that but they can be close by the time it’ll matter most.

    Losing Ratledge may end up being a bigger loss than Pickens because Ericson has looked like the weakest link for over a year now. You can’t replace Pickens but we still have a lot of talented weapons who just need more experience and confidence. I just don’t see Ericson doing much about getting knocked into his RBs this season. Maybe he will or maybe someone else will step up because it’s difficult to cover for a weak link.