Hi, noon.

You, a pessimistic Dawg fan:  Man, twelve o’clock kickoffs suck!  Lately, Georgia has really struggled with early starts.


Remember, there’s a good reason they’re playing at noon.  (Although Arkansas appears to be an exception to the rule.)


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  1. Illini84

    Wah, wah, wah and the refs hate us too!!!


    • mwodieseldawg

      Not sure about all refs but Penn Wagers did and does. NCG against Bama not counting, the game UT won here on a hail Mary. In second quarter, UT fumbled and UGA recovered. The call was checked by replay. Not only did the call get reversed, but UGA was penalized for 12 men on the field as a lineman was running off and didn’t make it before the snap. The call wasn’t made until after review. SEC refs are terrible i(if not crooked) and UGA hasn’t received Bama status from the refs and prolly never will.

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  2. stoopnagle

    Man, that 1.

    This helps the Munsoning. Thank you, Sen. B.


    • Down Island Way

      Being an equal opportunity struggler, am good with the occasional nooner, really see nothing wrong with a good nooner…trying to stuff as many so many nooners into one month is not Dawg like, but i blame this on Kirby’s time management skills…till he breaks bad at the podium and declares UGA football at noon is no good for the nation, it’ll never end…


  3. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Really a stretch.


  4. 123 Fake St

    It’s actually an 11am kickoff against one of the worst teams in the country. I’m predicting 21-0 with five minutes left in the first quarter, or before Noon.

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  5. While I think a noon start against a good team could mean a struggle, the game against Arkansas is another one where if we are who we think we are, we should win easily (not South Carolina easy). Everyone needs remember they have a big game on Saturday night in Dallas against TAM first. To turn around and have to play us will be a challenge for a team that is still restocking the talent.

    If we don’t make mistakes and we play our game, Dawgs win by 17 or so.

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  6. biggusrickus

    Unless I missed something, the average score in those ten nooners is 41-12. Arguably three were struggles, the loss to South Carolina obviously, then the 43-29 win over Missouri in 2018 and the 14-3 win over Kentucky last year. I wouldn’t really call those last two struggles, as I never felt like Georgia was going to lose to either of them at any point, but then, I’m not in the pessimist camp.


  7. rigger92

    I will admit that the B1G “big noon” series has entertained me. They got my eyeballs.


  8. Ran A

    Stats wrong: Couldn’t find 2019 times:

    10-2 from 2016 through 2020.

    Georgia played 6 noon games Kirby’s first year and lost two of them:

    Ole Miss 45-14 and Vandy 17-16.

    2017 – played two noon games and won them.

    2018 – played one noon game against Tech – won

    2019 – could not find the data

    2020 – played 3 noon games and won them all against Kentucky, Missouri and Cincinnati. Won them all – but Kentucky was physical at all get out, and the Cincinnati game, while a win, was a painful gut out game against a team that Georgia was not interested in playing.

    Georgia is now usually playing an over matched opponent. Last two times at Missouri have been noon games (11AM there) and frankly, they do not feel like SEC games. Always worried if the team will be up for that game.

    The good news is that Georgia hasn’t lost a noon contest since 2016 (provided that 2019 has no noon losses and I do not believe it does).

    I think this also goes back before 2016. Seems like CMR always made these early kick-offs interesting.


    • Tweet starts out “Since 2017…”.


    • theorginaldawgabides

      2019 includes the South Carolina game. I was still getting parked when I heard Kirby telling Chuck Dowdle that the team wasn’t ready to play. I assumed it was just coach speak until I sat there and watched the team sleep-walk through that debacle. It’s that recency bias that has people worried about a noon start against decent team.

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  9. SouthsideDawg

    We have zero big games in our stadium.


  10. RangerRuss

    Look at the bright side, Dawgs. All y’all watching from section HD won’t have to worry about a game running long causing you to miss the first few series.
    Fuck Mickey Mouse and ESPN.

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  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Noon kickoffs suck. And 11:00 am is worse. That is all.

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  12. Look at it this way.. our NEXT opponent (auburn) following the hogs…. plays at 9PM AT LSU and we will have our sunday well underway before they ever get home to begin preparation for us… remember in 2008 we played in Arizona and got home near monday to prep for Bama… lest i remind you….


  13. whb209

    It will always be an honor to wear that RED HAT, I don’t care what time the game starts. Just be on top when the games stops.

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