About re-jiggering the offensive line

Kirby throws cold water at yesterday’s presser:

On Broderick Jones potentially moving in at left tackle and when that might happen…
“He’s played, right? I know he played the last two games. He played in the rotation No. 1. I think it helps Jamaree’s conditioning. No 2, he’s a good football player and he’s earned the right to play based on how he’s practiced in spring ball and through camp. We’re not ready to say he’s a starter right now. He still has some mental hiccups and mental busts. He’ll be the first to tell you. He went in during the UAB game and Stetson threw a touchdown pass and he completely botched it, didn’t even block a guy. Stetson got the ball off before the guy could get there. He blocked the wrong guy on Kendall Milton’s fumble. The guy was unblocked. Didn’t block his guy. He’s got to clean those things up and get better. One thing I like about Broderick is he’s always trying to get better. He’ll come ask you what can I do better? What can I do here, what can I do there? He’s competing. We’re going to put the best five out there. It’s also Jamaree we feel like right now is playing better at tackle than he has at guard. It’s a lot more to it than what everybody thinks. I think everybody thinks you just plug and play, but we’re trying to get the best combination of guys out there. That’s the work in progress.”

I can’t speak for whom Kirby thinks he’s directing those comments to, but I’ll say there’s more to this than just who plays left tackle.  In other words, even if Jones is not yet up to Salyer’s level at the position, does the reshuffling make the o-line as a whole better, because of which player comes out?  And if Vanderbilt isn’t a good opportunity to make that kind of evaluation, what game coming up is?


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22 responses to “About re-jiggering the offensive line

  1. akascuba

    Kirby is perfecting his way of using a presser to speak to his team through the media. Never waste a chance to get better.

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  2. bcdawg97

    Standard disclaimer that yes, we don’t know what goes on a practice, but I think we are seeing a bit of conservative Kirby here again. Like you said Senator, how is Vandy not the best time to start giving someone else some live LT experience? I mean c’mon, even conservative ol’ Richt played Sturdivant at LT as a freshman.

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    • Alabama plays their stud tackles at guard and then eventually kick them outside when they are ready. It gets them experience, plus develops a toughness that playing inside requires that they then take with them.

      Why Luke isn’t doing that baffles me. Shaffer and Ericson are both meh as meh can be right now.

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    • David K

      Andrew Thomas was thrown into the fire as a freshman as well. Sure they’ll make some mistakes but on the job training is better than practice. It’s Vandy, C’mon!

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    We’re playing Vandy. If all the starters miss the bus we should still win by 30+. I’m not even worried about Vandy’s long snappah.

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  4. mp

    It’s also not just which is Salyer better at – tackle or guard, but how much better at Tackle is he than Jones vs how much better at guard is he than Ericson.

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  5. Subtle notes of the “I’m 40, I’m a man” speech by Mike Gundy. 20 years age today. 14 years ago today. Tell me that doesn’t make y’all feel old.


  6. fisheriesdawg

    Is Warren’s hand ready to snap yet? It seems like maybe that’s what they’re waiting on, to move #50 back to center (he was clearly ahead of Van Pran in the preseason) and shuffle it at that point.

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  7. timberridgedawg

    The more reps and experience the younger guys get the better. Vandy is probably the last figure it out game. Arky is going to be physical and then it’s Auburn and UK. Will be good to get Darnell back as well.

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  8. 69Dawg

    I’m not worried about the tackles as much as I am about the middle with VP and WE. When they whiff JT suffers. Both have shown that each has a weakness that can be exploited. WE can’t pull, VP can’t pick up blitzes, and they both don’t do combo blocks well. If I was the DC, like the Vandy coach was for ND, I’d run blitz us to death with the hope that the middle will crack fast enough and JT won’t have time to throw long.


  9. whb209

    Play the linemen that work best for the team…
    Just do NOT get me QB hurt.
    Thanks Kirby

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