“We were not the ones pushing for expansion.”

A reminder that the SEC doesn’t really care if the CFP expands:

“If [the 12-team model] is rejected, we’ll have to think about process and if there’s a need for a new format,” Sankey says. “But keep in mind, we can keep the four best teams. As I’ve said repeatedly, consistently, vocally, four has worked just as it was intended, it is working and it can continue to work.”

Now, maybe he’s drawing on his inner Jim Delany and seeing how far he can push a bluff.  If that’s the case, it looks like he’s about to be tested, according to Dennis Dodd.

College Football Playoff expansion may not only be delayed as expected, but the CFP Board of Managers — those necessary to vote on adopting a 12-team playoff — may be asked to not even fly to Chicago for the previously scheduled meeting on Sept. 28, sources tell CBS Sports.

The differences are so vast among stakeholders at this point that the possibility of getting a unanimous vote from the board — consisting of university presidents and chancellors — next Tuesday seems like a longshot, sources tell CBS Sports. It’s gotten to the point where even holding the meeting at all may prove a worthless endeavor.

Be still, my heart.  I can’t believe some of these idiots are willing to tank an arrangement that clearly benefits the Pac-12, Notre Dame and the G5, but I certainly won’t stand in anybody’s way if they want to do so.

Hell, I may have to take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about Greg Sankey if the other girls stay mad enough at him to leave the playoffs at four teams.


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  1. MGW

    Gotta think Texas and OU are unhappy about this. Without a 12 team playoff they may have sniffed their last hope at a title in this era. Barring something totally unforeseen, Texas will be no more a factor in the SEC than Auburn, and OU miiiight be able sneak in as the second SEC team. Otherwise OU’s 4 team playoff days are over; you’re not cruising through the SEC with a shitty defense like you can the Big 12.

    Frankly, the same logic applies to Auburn, Florida, and A&M. There just are not enough seats at the 4 team table for a conference like the soon to be SEC.

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    • theotherdoug

      Texas and Oklahoma aren’t moving for access to the playoffs. They’re moving because the upcoming Big12 TV deal wasn’t going to pay them enough to hang with the big boys.

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  2. theotherdoug

    Sankey is playing chicken,

    They all want or need to expand the playoff, but the SEC wants it the least. He can wait them out.

    This year year OSU and Clemson might not make it into the playoff, so we can add the Big10 and the ACC to the group with sweat stains appearing on their shirts. The SEC? If not Bama it will be UGA or UF, and it might be one of those two plus Bama.

    You are right, these people are idiots.

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  3. 81Dog

    Leave it at 4. If a group of 5 or PAC 12 team is good enough to be top 4, fine. Adding remedial rounds for teams, that are not NC worthy, just for the cash grab? Stupid idea. Disney wins, the, rest of us dial back our weekly fervor; because in that scenario, who really cares, before the playoff? I hate, hate, HATE the 12, team plan, 16 team conferences, all of it.

    You want to make the playoff more inclusive? Recruit better. Play better. Quit whining that others are out working you, put your shoulder to the wheel. That isn’t a popular approach these days, though. Just cry how unfair it is, and wait for some nice bureaucrat to hand you a slot. No. No. No.


  4. HirsuteDawg

    In a continuing 4 team playoff I doubt the SEC gets a second team in – those “girls” are pissed – I suspect its conference champ time for the playoff spots


    • rigger92

      I get what you’re saying, but so far this season the only conference champs ranked in the top 5 might be the SEC and PAC. Maybe State Penn if they win out. Possibly UNC if they win out.


  5. In many years there are not 4 teams worthy of completing for an NC.

    In most years there are not 8 teams worthy of competing for an NC.

    In ALL YEARS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, there have not been 12 teams worthy of competing for an NC.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    I can easily see a scenario where you have OK, ‘Bama, TAMU, LSU in the west where you have 2 if not 3 of them undefeated other than a close nail biter loss by one to the other. In the East you have UGA and #FTMF each undefeated and steamrolling teams other than #FTMF losing by FG to the DAWGs. You get to Atlanta with UGA and OK undefeated. UGA kicks a last minute field goal (just like last time) to knock off the sooners. Now you have UGA undefeated and OK, ‘Bam, #FTMF all with a razor thin loss to one of the top 2-3 teams in the country or the #1 team. The PAC 12 is the PAC-12, in other words irrelevant. OSU wins the BIG 10. Clempsun of course wins the ACC cake walk but suffers a opening day loss (kind of like this year). The gutted BIG 12 is just an after thought. Does the SEC get 3 teams in? If not then why not other than optics since most likely you have the tope 3 or 4 teams in the country that have proven it on the field. Let the fun begin either way that falls.

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  7. Jed Clampett is spinning in his grave for being compared to this bunch of whiny little b!+<#€$.

    I really don’t understand why Jack Swarbrick is willing to go along with this. While still the weak sister, Bowlsby has likely locked up a top 6 conference champion slot with his expansion. If the ACC champion doesn’t get in this year, I imagine the suits in Greensboro are going to tell the alliance, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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  8. godawgs1701

    Sankey knows that the tune is going to sound a lot different when the Big/Pac-12 champion and a once-beaten Notre Dame are left out this year and Georgia/Florida and Alabama are in. A new meeting will be scheduled for January 15th soon after.

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    • miltondawg

      My feeling exactly. If Georgia and Alabama can meet in the SECCG undefeated and it is a close game, both might well be in the playoff with Oregon. I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I hope that Notre Dame runs the table and gets in over the B1G and ACC champions. Between the general unhappiness over the SEC getting two teams in and the reduced member school payouts for the B1G and ACC (and the ACC already being one of the lowest member school payouts of the P5 conferences), their tune about playoff expansion will probably change.

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      • godawgs1701

        Exactly. We’re real sorry for doing the exact thing you would have done if Texas and OU came to your doorstep, folks, but are you REALLY going to cut off your financial earning potential to say nothing of your championship earning potential? Please. Go to your little alliance clubhouse and have your little alliance club meetings and get on the same page and get serious and then come see us.

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  9. akascuba

    When Oregon loses the Pac12 will see their future outside looking in. Even better if Clemson loses another game.

    Playoff expansion is coming no matter how much they posture and waggle their lips there’s too much money to be made by those saying no today.
    Now they might let the current deal get close to expiration first if they feel later means more money. It’s always about maximum revenue for me at each school.

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    • miltondawg

      As pitiful as the Pac 12 is this season, if Oregon doesn’t run the table and win the championship game they have an incredibly low chance of another team making the playoff with some of the losses that their teams have already suffered up to week three.


  10. kingcmo2000

    Follow the money. 12 will happen real soon. At this point you’re better off just believing the opposite of whatever these posturing buffoons say.

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  11. whb209

    The article keeps mentioning $2 BILLION that will be left on the table without a 12 team playoff. I think we will see an expanded playoff real soon.

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