Credit where credit is due

One thing JT Daniels does that impresses me is how gracious he is in the way he acknowledges his teammates.  Here are a couple of examples of that:

George Pickens back practicing and Daniels’ conversations with him as he recovers…
“The most important thing is to make sure you’re ready when you come back, is what I’m always going to tell him. I’m going to keep telling him. As much as I want George back in the starting lineup, because I don’t think there’s anybody better than him anywhere, I think him being fully healthy and fully prepared to play is the most important thing. It’s about the person before the player. With a guy who has the chance that he has for his future and his potential, as much as we’d all love to have him, I think the most important thing is making sure the person is ready and he’s medically cleared. Of course I have great trust in our training staff, but I don’t want him to say it’s better than it is. Just want to be focused on making sure he’s rehabbing, doing the right thing, and when he comes back, he’s coming back full speed.”

On making throws on the run…
“I’ll always be comfortable in the pocket. I think I looked a lot faster before the SEC came around. Guys like Nolan Smith, there’s just nobody else like him anywhere. When you think about all the kids that play high school football, there’s only so many of them that are elite football players that play in the SEC. They’re the elite of the elite. I definitely think I’m a threat to take off when I have to take off. I just think for me personally, and really the position of quarterback, I’m the primary distributor. Can I take off and run? Yeah, but I would much rather have James Cook running with it. I’d much rather Jermaine Burton running with it than myself.”

How do you not want to play with someone like that?


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9 responses to “Credit where credit is due

  1. JT is rapidly becoming a DGD.

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  2. spur21

    The words of a true leader.

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  3. godawgs1701

    The only problem I have with JT Daniels is that we aren’t going to get to enjoy seeing him in our uniform 3-4 years. He’s a damn good Dawg and I’m riding with him wherever he takes us. I’m proud that he’ll be associated with our program for the rest of his football playing days.

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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Actually, if he chooses to do so JT can stay in Athens two more seasons after this one. His freshman year he started all the games at Southern Cal. He was injured in the first game of his second year and can petition for and undoubtedly will receive a medical hardship. Last season he only played in 4 games which the new redshirt rule allows without using up a season of eligibility. This season is really his sophomore year meaning he has two more left after this. I would encourage JT to stay in college as long as he can which would be two more seasons after this one. He just might win multiple nattys and multiple Heismans.


  4. Odontodawg

    “One thing JT Daniels does that impresses me is how gracious he is in the way he acknowledges his teammates.”

    I believe you nailed it, Senator. “He’s one of the good ones” as my uncle used to say. We need more like him. My knee jerk response to him as the California kid was way off.