They must be doing something right.

We fret over the o-line’s performance, but here’s something that suggests things aren’t as bad as they might feel like they are.

Daniels is 14th on that list, with a pressure rate about 1/3 under the league average.  In other words, he’s getting more than decent pass protection.

If Luke can get the kinks worked out in run blocking, this offense has a chance to be hell on wheels.


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14 responses to “They must be doing something right.

  1. akascuba

    I want to believe this trend continues. The next 5 weeks will fill in the details on where this online is. Still concerned about the ability of this line to pickup a talented blitz heavy defense that opportunity will come. If solved there is no ceiling to what this team can achieve if healthy.

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  2. practicaldawg

    2 observations:

    Impressive that SC managed to put 2 QBs on that list
    Alabama demonstrated that EJ is a capable passer with a clean jersey. They gave him all day. He’ll see a different animal in Jacksonville.


  3. My concerns have all been with run blocking this season. Daniels has been kept pretty clean. I will say I wouldn’t have guessed 14th for this if you had asked me where Georgia ranked.

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  4. Terry McCullers

    Got to settle on the best combination of linemen and stick with them. OL is the group that needs the most cohesion.

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  5. Down Island Way

    Big urnge kuntry announcer said…”they should install a red light, that hooker is going down again”…


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    If the choice is between keeping pressure off the QB vs. picking up an extra yard rushing, I’ll take the former all day. Giving Daniels time is our fastest route to a championship.

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  7. Got Cowdog

    I wonder how much of Doty’s 34% was one Bulldog or another riding him around the backfield like a pony…

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Run blocking will be fixed. Don’t forget that Ratledge got hurt early, and I think he was a key as far as pulling and leading was concerned. I just hope it happens by Hallowe’en.