Stinger zinger

Not sure whom this is a bigger ouch for:

Let’s split the baby and just say the ACC.


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6 responses to “Stinger zinger

  1. Ran A

    Good! Young guys have no idea just how obnoxious this fan base was back in the day. Georgia win and a Tech loss is always a double-header sweep.

    They are down and I hope they stay down.

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    • One of the posters known as Mark

      I don’t want tech in the tank. I want them in the SEPTIC tank.


    • Texas Dawg

      And hopefully they young guys will never get to experience Tech obnoxiousness. Maybe they can read about it in the history books. Stories of when Tech was actually relevant.


  2. Illini84

    The ESPN ad is calling them “THE LOCKDOWN DEFENSE”!!!!!