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If you didn’t think Saturday was already going to be crazy…

… with Kirby’s call for fans to be elite, this ought to do the trick.


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Climb ev’ry mountain

I don’t expect it to last, but Georgia finds itself on top of this week’s ESPN’s FPI rankings, at 26.8, and has the highest chance of winning out in the regular season (24.1%) and making the CFP field (84.2%).

Yeah, that and five bucks will get you a Starbucks latte, but since these are the people driving the media narrative…


UPDATE:  Well, hayul.  Georgia’s taken the top spot in Bill Connelly’s SP+ rankings, too.

A new No. 1

While Alabama has certainly done very little wrong thus far — the Tide jumped out to a 35-0 lead in just 18 minutes against Southern Miss on Saturday and cruised, 63-14 — the Tide have ceded their No. 1 ranking, at least temporarily. Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs have been absolutely ruthless; for much of Saturday’s 62-0 win over Vanderbilt, it looked as if the Dawgs would finish with more points than Vandy had yards. As with ESPN’s FPI, this was enough to bump UGA just ahead of Bama.



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TFW you struggle to come up with an antidote to rat poison

This ranks right up there with Dooley talking about the opposing long snappah.

On playing to a standard, if there was anything in the first quarter that wasn’t up to the standard…
“Kickoffs, to be honest, we didn’t kick it off like my expectation is. Maybe if we kick it out of the end zone, we don’t get a turnover, so maybe (Jake) Camarda’s a lot smarter than me because we got a fumble off of the kickoff that wasn’t a touchback. I guess I need to commend him for that because he was thinking way ahead. I was a little upset it wasn’t out of the end zone, but he knew more than I knew and that ended up turning into seven points.”

That’s as close as Smart will ever get to babbling.  Maybe next time he should stick to “Dunno.  I’ll have to check the game tape”.


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How lopsided was the Vandy win?

Let ESPN count the ways.

The Bulldogs scored twice as many touchdowns (eight) than the Commodores had first downs (four) — talk about a complete team performance.



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TFW even Montana notices

Well, now.

Wait… you mean the worst assessor of quarterback talent in college football got something right?  Well, I nevah, Miz Scarlett.


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Sometimes you blow the Admiral and sometimes the Admiral blows you.

You guys know I’m a sucker for gallows humor and this certainly qualifies as a masterpiece of that genre:

Well played, anonymous, long suffering Vandy fan.


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Earning their paycheck

I’m shocked, shocked anyone could suggest this:

Georgia State coach Shawn Elliott insinuated that No. 23 Auburn benefitted from some home cooking from SEC officials when a late review upheld a questionable Tigers’ reception which set up the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter…

“They had a little bit of help on that review where the ball was incomplete,” Elliott said. “It should have been put back on the 30-yard line. But you know when you play in the SEC you gotta take the hits. And they gave us a real gut punch on that call. So we appreciate that.”

The best part was seeing all the social media comments from offended ‘Bama fans about the blown call.  Like Birmingham’s only supposed to work like that for one program… ha, ha.  Oh wait, they were serious about that?


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You’re either elite, or you’re not.

Kirbs is talking about us, mofos.

“But I want to issue a challenge and I want it to be heard right now. We’ve got a huge game next week, at 12 o’clock, in Athens, Georgia. Everybody wants our team to be elite and I want our team to be elite and we’ve thrown that word around. So when we talk about our fan base, talk about our fan base being elite, we want to be there early and show up better than we ever have. We want to be loud, louder than we ever have. We want to be super intense, because the players are going to be intense. We need the fans to be intense. The toughness we’re going to show, we need our fans to show and the last thing is to be elite. So if our fans will be elite, we’ll have an opportunity to put on a heck of a show at 12 o’clock in Sanford Stadium next week. Thanks and Go Dawgs.”

Intense?  I’ll do my best, boss.  To borrow an old quote from Ball Four about a player being told to be in the clubhouse in the morning because of an early start time, “Eleven?  Shit, I’m not even done throwing up by then.”


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