Climb ev’ry mountain

I don’t expect it to last, but Georgia finds itself on top of this week’s ESPN’s FPI rankings, at 26.8, and has the highest chance of winning out in the regular season (24.1%) and making the CFP field (84.2%).

Yeah, that and five bucks will get you a Starbucks latte, but since these are the people driving the media narrative…


UPDATE:  Well, hayul.  Georgia’s taken the top spot in Bill Connelly’s SP+ rankings, too.

A new No. 1

While Alabama has certainly done very little wrong thus far — the Tide jumped out to a 35-0 lead in just 18 minutes against Southern Miss on Saturday and cruised, 63-14 — the Tide have ceded their No. 1 ranking, at least temporarily. Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs have been absolutely ruthless; for much of Saturday’s 62-0 win over Vanderbilt, it looked as if the Dawgs would finish with more points than Vandy had yards. As with ESPN’s FPI, this was enough to bump UGA just ahead of Bama.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Since we’ve long since established that among the many garbage analytics machines out there ESPN’s FPI is the worst, you’ll have to excuse me if I won’t book my flight and hotel room for Indianapolis just yet.


    • Gaskilldawg

      As the Senator pointed out, the value is that the media narrative is we deserve to be in the CFP. That makes a difference if we lose a game, especially if it is to an undefeated Alabama in the SECCG.

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  2. legatedawg

    They’re driving the media narrative off a cliff, with absurdities like Ohio State and Texas being ranked well above Oregon and Arkansas which beat them and remain undefeated.

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  3. akascuba

    2-2 Clemson is 5th ahead of FU with the second highest chance of winning out. Clemson is getting worse not better.

    Anything positive that has Georgia ranked first is always nice.

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  4. ASEF

    And probably going to stay there awhile too

    Georgia’s a poor match up for both Arkansas and Florida. The metrics are going to love the stats from those games

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  5. hertyfield

    We will find out how good this team is Saturday against a well coached Arkansas team, who has a clear identity and is sticking to it. We have played the 101st, 115th, and 126th offenses in yards per play (and yes I know we represent a quarter of that ineptitude). But we are taking on a top 20 offense this week, and we will see if this D is as dominant as I think it might be.


  6. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    To me Arkansas seems like one of those flavor of the month teams that every season has. The seem like a surprise team and people sort of buy into them and it gets momentum until they play somebody who really is just better and then the whole thing falls apart.

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  7. gastr1


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    • HirsuteDawg

      True – true. But they laid 62 points on their cupcake too (tho neither Vandy or Southern Miss should be considered a cupcake in the traditional sense of the word).


      • originaluglydawg

        Yeah, but did they bench their starters in the second quarter?


        • Daniel Simpson Day

          No. They had starters in till the end of the third. I will say this, I was at the game and for the first time, they don’t look like us. And Bryce Young is sloooow on his reads even against a pretty small SM team.

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  8. RangerRuss

    Got to polish my testicle-kickers. Gameday is in Athens Saturday.

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  9. srhoades14

    Clempson has the 2nd highest % chance to win-out….curious what the % was BEFORE they played NC State?🤣

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    • ASEF

      That’s entirely:

      A) their preseason talent/recruiting rankings
      B) their schedule

      Wash our preseason data, and the chances drop to about nil


  10. Russ

    But don’t they know we have to play the greatest coach of our time who had the best loss of all time last week? I thought the media had already decided the winner of the Cocktail Party.

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    • classiccitycanine

      I don’t know if anyone decided the Cocktail Party yet. They’re just saying it’s a big competitive game. I don’t think they’re wrong although I think Mullen is getting too much credit.


  11. debbybalcer

    Saturday should be a good game. Kirby and Pittman know and respect each. Arkansas’s starting QB is dinged up. Their second string QB played some; he is fast but our D will be the best team they face.

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    • siskey

      I think that playing them last year helps us a lot. Arkansas is a much better team this year but we won’t be caught flat footed or looking ahead. I’m as much of a pessimist as the rest of y’all but we’ll handle this team by the spread plus a TD. Go Dawgs! Meet me in the Clarke Central parking lot for beers and Tamez breakfast burritos.

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