You’re either elite, or you’re not.

Kirbs is talking about us, mofos.

“But I want to issue a challenge and I want it to be heard right now. We’ve got a huge game next week, at 12 o’clock, in Athens, Georgia. Everybody wants our team to be elite and I want our team to be elite and we’ve thrown that word around. So when we talk about our fan base, talk about our fan base being elite, we want to be there early and show up better than we ever have. We want to be loud, louder than we ever have. We want to be super intense, because the players are going to be intense. We need the fans to be intense. The toughness we’re going to show, we need our fans to show and the last thing is to be elite. So if our fans will be elite, we’ll have an opportunity to put on a heck of a show at 12 o’clock in Sanford Stadium next week. Thanks and Go Dawgs.”

Intense?  I’ll do my best, boss.  To borrow an old quote from Ball Four about a player being told to be in the clubhouse in the morning because of an early start time, “Eleven?  Shit, I’m not even done throwing up by then.”



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  1. Anon

    The Senator doesn’t as much from us guys. So show the fuck up

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    • gastr1

      If I was there, I’d prep like I did for that 1 pm Clemson game in, what, ’87?: get out the tube and funnel and drink from off the deck. (I mean, being elite means doing what it takes, amiright?)

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      • rigger92

        The last time I funneled a beer was my sophomore year, last day in the dorms before summer (Hill hall rm 301). It was a Budweiser 40 and I got it down, but it came right back out with impressive velocity, lol. Spring of ‘90.

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  2. Elite teams put up and comers in their place early. We’re going to find out a lot on Saturday.

    Sadly (or not), I’ll be on the beach. But I trust you guys will hold it down.

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  3. At the beginning of the season, who had the Arkansas game as the best home game of the year? I didn’t and I’m betting no one else did either.

    The word needs to go out to everyone including students. It doesn’t matter if SEC Nation is live from Athens or whether you need those extra 2 beers in the Myers Quad or wherever you tailgate. If you can get to the Dawg Walk and let our guys know we are RED-y. Get your @$$ in your seat in plenty of time and don’t sell your tickets to Arkansas people.

    We notoriously start slow in home noon starts and need to send a message to a up-and-coming Hog team that they are up next on our March to Atlanta in December.

    GATA, Dawg Nation.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I still can’t believe the idiots at ESPN looked at us and looked at Floriduh and decided to put us on at noon.

    What the frak were they thinking???


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That quote at the end of the post makes me want to re-read Ball Four.

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  6. sundiatagaines

    Is our game time 100% locked in?

    The app I use shows us at noon, but it shows MSU/TAMU and UK/FL listed as time TBD. Hmm?


  7. practicaldawg

    Josh Brooks is going to need to add a breakfast menu in Sanford if this happens again

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  8. Russ

    Be loud and be proud!


  9. gurkhadawg

    That quote at the end is hilarious. A famous British scientist ( maybe Faraday? ) said something similar back in the day. When he was studying at Oxford, the dean said all students were required to be at 9 AM chapel. “What! 9 AM? OK, I guess I can stay up that late”

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