Rolling out the big guns

From Smart’s presser today:

This is gonna be fun.


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  1. Remember the Quincy

    Fullback, you say? I love what Kirby’s doing. More, please!

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    How do you beat a defense that runs a 3-2-6 with six DBs on almost every down?

    You go 12-personnel and make those small DBs cover two AMAZING tight ends in Washington and Bowers.

    They won’t be able to do it, and they also will never be sure whether it’s a run or a pass.

    12-personnel ALL DAY LONG!!! Let’s fucking go, Todd Monken!

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  3. The Truth

    #0 returning and lining up with Bowers is kinda the equivalent of “I am not left-handed,” from The Princess Bride.

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  4. practicaldawg

    Can Washington get any reps ahead of Bowers tho


    • otto1980

      Put both on at the same time. Between Washington being a threat down field and his ability to block in the run game, the offense should have more threats in the passing and running game. Load the box hit the TE down field, leave the box open hand it off.

      Tykee is a big add too, UGA needs the depth in the secondary and hopefully he adds experience locking down the Hogs dual threat QB.

      Speaking of QBs, waiting to hear on Jefferson. Will Pittman have his #1 QB?

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  5. californiadawg

    This news and the Larry post are nice ways to start a Monday.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    Washington and Bowers on the field at the same time. The nightmare is about to become a reality for opposing DCs

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  7. classiccitycanine

    The best thing about this is that I don’t feel like we need those guys to win! I’ll be happy to take the reinforcements though.

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  8. This is exciting to see!

    Senator, will there be a ticket exchange thread this week?

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  9. Washington sealing the end around for Bowers. Washington releasing on a seam route out of the same play action. Unstoppable.

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  10. Holy Mother Trucker…this shit is about to get real…we fantasized about an improving offense from week to week…add in getting back marquee players from injury, and we’re full on Dawg Porn…I’m gonna need a fist full of saltpeter and to go soak in the creek…Go Dawgs

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  11. whybotherdude

    What has become of the UGA TE? A most likely Freshman All-American TE in Bowers and a most likely All-SEC candidate in Washington and a QB that actually throws to them? What has the world come to?

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  12. stoopnagle

    Dammit Bobo!