The ever-swirling strength of schedule

If there’s a common nag about Georgia’s start this season, it’s that Clemson’s preseason luster has completely worn off.  Yet, if you checked yesterday’s FPI, you’d find Georgia’s strength of schedule is currently a more than respectable 28th.  Sagarin gives Georgia a SOS ranking of 35th.

So if the bloom is coming off the Tigers’ rose, what’s buoying Georgia’s ranking?  Believe it or not, it may be UAB, which quietly has done alright outside of its trip to Athens.

UAB beat Tulane on the road by a wider margin than Oklahoma did at home, for what that’s worth.

Sagarin ranks the Blazers at 58, which is better than four SEC East teams.


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22 responses to “The ever-swirling strength of schedule

  1. That UAB thrashing will look good for most of the season if they keep winning in CUSA.

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  2. Looking ahead for UAB, their big games appear to be home to Liberty this weekend and at UTSA (a surprising 4-0 team) in mid-November. If they can go 12-1 with a win in the CUSA championship (yeah, if is doing a lot of heavy lifting there) and a thrashing by UGA, it will help the old schedule strength, I’m sure.

    Here’s hoping that strength of schedule doesn’t matter for our playoff chances.

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  3. Biggen

    Wonder what the naysayers will say about the SOS when we thrash Arky this weekend? That we were supposed to do that??


  4. practicaldawg

    UAB looks like the best team we’ve played so far. They would beat SC and Vandy for sure. And unlike Clemson, they have a functional offense.


  5. RangerRuss

    When the Dawgs are 13-0 on December 5th the strength of schedule won’t really matter much.

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  6. ASEF

    Arkansas fills in nicely where Clemson voided and seems destined for no worse than 3rd in the West. Florida will be top 20 all season. Both of those teams prefer to run their offense into the strength of Kirby’s defense. Good luck to them on that.

    Hard to see SOS mattering much this season anyway. If Texas wins the B12, that likely scrubs that conference out of the playoffs. ACC is already done.

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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Texas ain’t winning shit. The best teams in the Big 12 are Oklahoma, Baylor and Okie State, not necessarily in that order.

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      • ASEF

        I don’t think there’s much margin separating any of those four teams. All have real problems and real strengths.


      • miltondawg

        If Texas can not do the usual Texas thing of believing the media hype, Texas can win the Big 12. Maybe Sark coming from Bama means that Texas finally has a coach that can prevent the curse of having success.
        Oklahoma has real issues on the offensive line and at running back (two scholarship back and two walk-ons on the four deep). Say what you want about Oklahoma, but their offensive prowess for years under Riley was based out of the run game. And they can’t run the ball right now.

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      • 123 Fake St

        Oklahoma is straight up Trash. 🗑

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      • Russ

        I think Texas whips OU straight up in 2 weeks.

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  7. What Bill Clark has accomplished in the ’Ham is nothing short of amazing. Still think it’s a crime he hasn’t won a national coach of the year award yet.

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  8. Tony BarnFart

    I don’t know anything about Arkansas, but Arkansas in trouble