Find you somebody to love as much as the folks at Roll ‘Bama Roll love ranking Georgia no better than third in the country.

Usual caveats: The criteria are nebulous, far-ranging, and capricious — strength of schedule, bad and good coaching, injuries, exigent circumstances, home/away results, defense or lack thereof, offense or lack thereof, line play, power poll-ishness, can you cover a spread (Vegas is pretty smart about how good a team is), head-to-head where possible or prudent, and my own lying eyeballs.

At least they’re consistent.


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  1. miltondawg

    I won’t expect to see an Erik Evans post next week about how Georgia upset the Hogs under his own criteria. I will expect to see an Erik Evans post next week about how Georgia is still no better than third since Arkansas was vastly overrated.

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    • miltondawg

      One other thing. I’m confused by the disappointing Directional Georgias comment and then mentioning Troy and App State in particular? Maybe he didn’t watch the Auburn game and see that one of two teams in the Sun Belt from Georgia took Auburn to the wire and lost in part due to a bad call? Granted, however, that Georgia Southern hasn’t been good at all.

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      • originaluglydawg

        Your use of the word “bad” in describing that call is doing a lot of lifting, or maybe shoveling.
        It was as blatantly dishonest as it gets.
        And here’s the thing. If they’ll cheat for Auburn against GSU, they’ll cheat for whatever team they want to win again. Be it UGA, Arkansas, or the Turds. I don’t want to win like that and I sure don’t want to lose like that.
        The GSU coach had some dandy words about it.
        If the SEC has any scruples at all (lmao..if Santa is real), those refs will be fired…but they won’t. Because it would be an admission that Auburn really lost to GSU.

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  2. Ran A

    This dude should take his ritalin before writing articles. What an arrogant asshat..

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    • originaluglydawg

      I think he’s just an idiot ‘Bama homer that can’t even spell “objective”.
      The woods around here are full of them.
      Can you believe that last week some were demanding Saban be fired?
      What does that say about the Alabama mindset?
      These are some seriously dumb asses we’re dealing with here.

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  3. Russ

    Just going to make beating them all the more fun. Except he’ll be just like that Clemson toadie that was talking all summer about how badly we were going to lose, and then he disappears.

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  4. charlottedawg

    I mean they have us ranked ahead of bama so there’s that!

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    Not clicking that.

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  6. mdcgtp

    He is trolling us. Senator, I know we haven’t agreed on much in the past, but we are on the same team. If I I could give a friendly piece of advice don’t take the bait. Intra-season rankings don’t matter in the end. (there are only two polls that matter. the one the day the CFP is announced and the day after it finishes)

    I hate to say this, but you have taken his bait two times now. He is a douchebag. This community is better than that.


    • Thanks, but it’s not like he’s bugging me with this. It’s sort of funny, actually.

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      • mdcgtp

        It actually bugs me…I know…heal thyself.

        In full disclosure, its not their arrogance that bothers me. It is our inability to have the internet equivalent of a smug look on our faces that comes from knocking them down a peg.

        I don’t buy into “curses” but I do believe in randomness. Randomness has a chance when two teams are evenly matched or even to hurt an unevenly matched team playing better that its opponent in a close game (us in 2017 and 2018). 2019-2020 suffered from self inflicted wounds (Coley/Fromm) and not having a healthy elite QB from day one, transitional OL play, and perhaps a little too much defensive aggression/mistakes in secondary.

        We just need to keep getting better to where there is no shot at randomness. Don’t just beat them. Humble them because we have the better team that plays its best when needed, and quite frankly, think big. The only thing better than beating them once is beating them twice! Get me to near LSU level offensive dominance paired with this D, and I am good to face them. Their ILBs are atrocious, and the DL doesn’t have an Allen, Payne, D’shawn Hand, A’shawn Robinson. We have the Jonathan Allen…his name is Jalen Carter, and half their inbred idiot fan base doesn’t even know his name. They will in time.

        IF and this is a BIG IF we can become who we all want to be (a little more consistency along OL with more explosive running, a little tighter at CB, continued evolution of monken/JT/WR/TE, and consistent pass rush against any OL), I would welcome playing them twice. (To be clear, I am also totally okay with a CFP of UGA, Oregon, Notre Dame and Cincinnati)

        Think Burrow and LSU would have welcomed Bama in the CFP in 2019? Me too.


  7. boz864

    I don’t know that I’ve read much if any of the RollBamaRoll blog so I’m taking what he wrote completely on the surface so I sorta agree that the Road win by Oregon was most impressive win so far this season followed by Arkansas’ two big wins. Once we roll Arkansas, we deserve a bump and if it’s not given, FTMF.

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  8. Arkansas is about to get dawggraded af.

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    • siskey

      It won’t happen when we beat them but it will happen after someone else does. They will say “we should have seen this was a one-dimensional team” that can’t do “x” etc when they have to.
      As an aside to the above Bama stuff. Rece Davis was on the Jim Donnan podcast yesterday and said that he thinks that whenever Georgia beats Bama (he didn’t say this year) that they would do so in a convincing manner. I think he is right.

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  9. classiccitycanine

    I can’t stand the arrogant asshats at RBR, but I can’t get too worked up over this. Oregon and Arkansas have the best collection of wins so far and he put both Georgia AND a weak Notre Dame team above Bama. Let’s just play the games and let the teams sort themselves out with their play on the field.

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  10. Castleberry

    My dude clearly doesn’t watch pac 12 after dark.


  11. Remember the Quincy

    What’s more surprising is that he has Bama ranked FIFTH. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

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  12. May Sam Pittman lose by 50 points on Saturday, then crush all of his remaining regular season opponents. Amen.

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  13. Jack Klompus

    Exigent? That’s a usual circumstance? I have never seen that word before. 😂


  14. Rameses II

    In fairness, he did rank his own Bammers 5th. So there’s that.

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  15. David K

    I’m dumber for reading that link but this was from the same article: “UAB and UTSA are quietly wrecking stuff. That will make for a great C-USA CG eventually.”

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  16. Texas Dawg

    The nice thing is that if we continue to take care of business, we’ll have our opportunity to set the record straight on the playing field. Until that time. ‘Bama has earned the right to be arrogant assholes. Taking them down when they’re at their height of arrogance will be that much sweeter.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      Bammer was arrogant when they weren’t any good.

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      • originaluglydawg

        I agree that anyone associated with the Bama program has the right to be an arrogant ass.
        Run of the mill Bama fans don’t. Why? Because any shallow thinker can just declare himself a Bama fan. There are no other requirements.

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        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          I know some of those people. One is a guy that has obviously not been watching football all that long and doesn’t know much about it now. But he is an Alabama “fan”. I got him to admit that he just started liking Alabama one day because they win a lot. There are lots of “fans” like that.

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  17. spur21

    I do like where he has the swamp lizards.

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  18. Harold Miller

    Unrelated question. Is Coastal Carolina the best college football team in South Carolina?

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  19. Munsoning

    This Evans kid’s love of ten-dollar words cracks me up. “Caveats,” “nebulous,” and “capricious” in the same sentence? Damn, son. Hope you have a backup thesaurus, ’cause the one you’re using now is about to fall apart. Maybe buy yourself a copy of “Elements of Style,” Erik, and read what Strunk and White write in chapter five about avoiding fancy words.

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  20. hassan

    I’ve got no problem being ranked 3rd in a meaningless blogger poll per se. I just don’t see how Arky is 2nd.


  21. mddawg

    He may be trolling us by putting us at 3, but he’s got Bama at 5 and last week they were 4th. Plus he seems to be giving us some credit in this regard: “Alabama may have played the slightly tougher schedule (slightly), but the Bulldogs have looked better doing it. Given Alabama’s OL issues against teams with a pulse, I wouldn’t want to face UGA’s pass rush or try to run on the Dawgs in September. Ask me again at Halloween.”

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  22. ASEF

    I’m betting he’s figured out he’s getting reposted thanks to his Georgia takes.

    Which I’m betting means they continue.


  23. The Truth

    I’m not making a prediction here at all, but doesn’t this game have a faint whiff of the Mississippi State game in 2017, where they had beaten LSU 37-7 the week before? The Great and Powerful Oz a/k/a Sideshow Dan and his Bizarro Dawgs were coming into Sanford ready to show us a thing or two.

    Flea-flicker. 31-3. Next.

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    • Got Cowdog

      That’s truth, Truth. I was worried about the Bizarro’s then with the same vibe running in the background…
      Then I remember Nick Fitzgerald mid third looking like he’d called a biker’s old lady a skank in front of her man and his bro’s.
      We’ll see what happens…

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  24. I feel that y’all are getting worked up over this article for no reason. If you read the article it’s much ado about nothing. He’s trying to rank folks according to quality of wins and to tweak some folks (which he accomplished by looking at the comments here and there). I have no issue with the rankings. Now, if the Dawgs beat Arky on Saturday and are still #3 then I may feel differently.


  25. RangerRuss

    Erik Evans is like that guy at the bar who sits down beside you and starts babbling on, making just enough sense that you listen to his entire discourse before realizing he’s completely full of shit. Since it’s not the bar you can ignore him forever. Unfortunately, since it’s not the bar, you don’t have the option of squeezing half a bottle of Visine in his beer, causing him to shit his guts out like a gringo who drank tap water in Guadalajara.

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