Second Arky thoughts: when the Hogs have the ball

As a passer, KJ Jefferson is having one weird looking statistical season, folks.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to crack a 200+ passer rating when you don’t complete 50% of your pass attempts.  His best completion percentage of the season came against Texas, but other than that, he was decidedly mediocre then.  However, it didn’t matter because Arkansas destroyed the ‘Horns on the ground with 333 rushing yards.

He’s at his best throwing the deep ball and he’s got one of the best receivers in the conference in Treylon Burks to throw to.  Burks was a handful against TAMU’s very good secondary and I expect no less this week, especially after seeing South Carolina’s Josh Vann’s success against Georgia in that regard.

Jefferson has been terrific as a running quarterback so far, which should concern Georgia fans almost as much as it does Dan Lanning.  He’s gained 230 yards on 32 attempts (7.19 yards per carry) and is a real key to what Arkansas does in their run game, which is the Briles spread-power run game.  Arkansas bogged down offensively after he was injured in the TAMU game.  He did come back at the end — among other qualities, the kid is a real gamer — but it will be worth watching that come Saturday.

Make no mistake about it, Arkansas wants to run the damned ball.  Their run-pass ratio is 47/21, which should be no surprise for a Pittman-coached bunch.  That should make for a fascinating challenge for the conference’s best run defense.

I would expect that Georgia on defense is going to take a similar approach to the Hogs that Odom wants to take on the other side:  conservative.  Keep everything in front of them, force Jefferson to rely on a short passing game, and focus on preventing Jefferson’s legs from doing much damage.

In short, win the line of scrimmage and this game should take care of itself.  Just like every other week.


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25 responses to “Second Arky thoughts: when the Hogs have the ball

  1. gastr1

    But even winning the LOS, Burks has the capacity to scorch a good D in the one-on-one matchups that a run-heavy offense will tempt a D into. We’ll need Cine to coming over the top to keep the lid on Burks, I expect.

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    • dawg100

      Interesting, but I don’t see Speed on the box score from last week? (But Tykee Smith played it says, which i hadn’t realized?)

      Did Kirby out him out to pasture after what Vann did to him?


  2. miltondawg

    I fully expect Arkansas to get yards between the 20s and have more trouble inside the red zone.

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  3. GATA…especially KJ…give him too much time and he can move well with his feet. I hope we can get pressure with 3 up front.


  4. GruvenDawg

    I would imagine we go back to a more traditional 2 gap system this week vs Arkansas instead of more twists and stunts. Not sure DJ for Clemson was a threat to run, Jefferson on the other hand is a threat to take off on any play. I would assume this is a game where and Anderson/Smith will be playing more run first and squeeze the pocket for contain on pass plays. Also interested to see if they bring the heat from Tindall or Dean as a 4th/5th rusher on 3rd down rather than turning the OLB’s loose to get after the QB. I could also see a lot of AA19 as spy on Jefferson. I’m not sure they have faced anyone remotely like AA.


    • miltondawg

      After watching DJ against Tech and reading/hearing commentary through four weeks, either DJ isn’t a runner or he’s been told not to run due to their QB situation behind him.

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  5. The Truth

    Closing speed. Nobody in the country has a D that can run like ours. Gives us an opportunity to minimize mistakes.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. On a couple of those Vandy QB runs it looked like he had room for an easy 10+ yard gain along the sideline. Our LBs got there so fast he was lucky to gain 3 yards.

      Richardson hasn’t seen closing speed like he’s gonna see Saturday. The question is whether he decides to slide or put his head down to try for a couple extra yards – because we’re getting multiple tacklers on stops too.


      • He looked pretty hobbled in the middle of the A&M game. I’d be surprised if they didn’t coach him into avoiding contact.

        His backup is really fast, but from what I watched is not the same passing threat. I think how healthy Richardson is going into the game will be a pretty big factor.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    So what are the doing on the offense the other 32% of the time? 😉

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  7. Ran A

    Yup – take away the deep ball and make them run it.


  8. 123 Fake St

    Any news on Jeffersons and Burks injuries? They looked banged up last Saturday.



    They can’t run the ball on us….


  10. Texas Dawg

    With the speed and athletic ability of the front 7, this defense does not really have to dial up exotic schemes to counter the other team. They can pretty much line up and GATA with only minor tweaks needed from time to time. Now, the other team usually does have to resort to scheming and tickeration to try and slow the DAWG D down


  11. Tony BarnFart

    Arkansas is in trouble. They’ve been coached up really well, but they’re still #28 in composite team talent, behind both South Carolina and Tennessee. We have 66 blue chips to their 21.

    Maybe Jimbo is just a lazy ass coach and sucks.


  12. Jack Klompus

    Kirby and his DCs have always done a good job containing running QBs (with the exception of a couple of 2nd half QB changes, but I digress), so I am not as worried about Burks in that regard. Our LBs and DEs are so damn fast, that should help with keeping him in check.

    Good analysis in all three posts, Senator. Thanks.


  13. 69Dawg

    Riddle me this why do our defensive backs that have man to man coverage not try to jam the WR off the line. Speed was torched because Vann just ran right by him. Hit them to slow their initial acceleration.


    • reipar1

      Because in true man to man coverage if you whiff or allow the receiver to beat you on the jam the next thing that happens is the band stands up and starts playing.

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  14. practicaldawg

    This is a game where having already faced Clemson’s defense will pay significant dividends.


  15. Clayton Joiner

    Burks was being helped off the field last I saw inbthat a&m game. No mention of his status though?


  16. A Ban

    Winning the line won’t guarantee a win against explosive teams, but it will bode quite well against a power team like Arkansas. Their dear fans have a large contingency of people that think Arkansas is going to catch UGA off guard with physicality and play with more heart. Well, I haven’t seen UGA come up short on the physicality side in a couple years other than vs. Texas in the bowl game after the 2018 season. When UGA loses, it is about execution and other teams being more explosive. UGA has seemingly found more answers to counter the explosiveness and is as tough as can be on the DL and still solid on OL.