Jawja ain’t played nobody, PAWWWLLL.

That’s been the rallying cry of many an Internet Arky fan this week.  There’s only one little thing about that:

Arkansas at Georgia: This will mark the eighth top-10 opponent the Bulldogs have faced in their past 17 games, a streak that began with the 2019 loss to LSU in the SEC title game.

No, they haven’t all resulted in wins.  Nor is that a guarantee of victory on Saturday.  But that’s not the point.  This team’s been battle tested, as much as some would like to pretend otherwise.


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  1. akascuba

    I think the dawg grading crowd is looking only at the offensive/defensive stats of the four teams Georgia has played. When compared UAB is now the best win.

    What they are not including is those four teams all had to play Georgia which is not going to help anyone’s stats.

    This team is tale


    • Tony BarnFart

      I’m also confident that you can use the dreaded transitive property on UAB—Tulane—Oklahoma, considering PRIOR to the game they were a G5 darling and we “better come out ready”. Hell they’ve played like a G5 darling outside of our game.

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  2. akascuba

    OK it happened again. Allow me to continue.

    This team is talented, focused and treating every game like it’s a business trip. That is a very large problem for whomever they are facing. This is not your 2019 team rolling out a helmet to meet USCe.

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  3. 81Dog

    All I know is this: the O has improved steadily the first 4 weeks, The D has been suffocating, consistent, and deep. Nobody is unbeatable, and Arkansas has a quality team, but they’re going to have to bring their A+ game this week if they want to get in the end zone. I guess this is the next installment of “Is UGA For Real?” If we win, expect the dawg grading (“Arkansas is a rebuilding program with a lot of holes”) to begin immediately. This is fine by me. Let them all misunderestimating us, all the way to Atlanta. We don’t have to impress anyone. We just have to win.

    FTMFs. 😉

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  4. This is another game where if we’re one of the best 2 teams in the country, we will win comfortably. Arky may have a bunch of super seniors and transfers, but those super seniors got boat-raced by a team down to its 4th QB last year. Talent matters. If we don’t make a bunch of mistakes, Dawgs win a game not as close as the final score indicates.

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    • Down Island Way

      Arky is, by all accounts going home with digit in the loss column and a set of steak knives as a parting gift, this might be (I thought the first game was the test/indicator) the game/event that shows where CKS is in that HC transformation, just speaking in that context of staff/team preparedness, cause getting ready for FU, the barners, north avenue fucking trade school, those would appear to be easier (hell, what do we know), this game saturday may be just a bit different…to get where UGA football needs to be is pretty much a 25-30 point victory, cause that would mean more about UGA football then where ever Arky is…

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      • Comin' Down The Track

        I think it’s entirely possible, probable even, that Game 1 was the test/indictor as you suggested because I think it’s, also, entirely possible, probable even, that we flat broke Clemson and now they’re just lost.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    Reality check for Arky on Saturday. They haven’t played nobody on our level all year

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  6. rigger92

    Arky fans have been waiting a very long time to have something that resembles fun when it comes to football and I’m glad they’re getting it. That said, they may play well and put up a good game but I don’t think this is the signature win they want.

    Our team has simply crushed every opponent so far and that’s something teams like AL do. CKS has a good record but he hasn’t put together a team like this until now.

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  7. practicaldawg

    I’m not sure who Arky has played either. I’m starting to wonder what Jimbo is doing with all those top 5 classes he rakes each year.

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  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Our D is otherworldly (5.8 points per game) and our offense is “good enough” (42 points per game) even with a “suspect” running game (4.8 yds per attempt).
    Ark’s D is allowing 14.5 points per game and their O is putting up 35.8 points per game. Allowed 3.57 rushing yards per attempt.

    J’aime nos chances!

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  9. Arkansas fans are really feeling themselves right now. Like for real.

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  10. Ran A

    That’s their battle cry and what they are holding on to. First, it was Clemson was just better than Georgia. Then it was “watch out for UAB” whispers and you can bet your a$$, that the Auburn and Bama faithful just knew an upset was coming. 56 points later they were proven wrong. (And don’t kid yourself, this is the game that rattled the two schools from Alabama). They know darn well that the UAB team can flat play.

    Then it was, well, they’ll be South Carolina, but they aren’t covering the spread. Guess what? Georgia didn’t cover the spread, but that is because they played everybody short of the waterway in the 4th quarter.

    And after putting 35-0 on Vandy in the first quarter and then beginning to tinker and experiment to add 27 more, the entire story was about how bad Vandy is.

    You know what? All of this is just find with me. The spread is 18 and I believe that Georgia will more than cover in this game.

    Caught a little bit of P-A-U-L’s show yesterday while driving yesterday. Alabama folks starting to chirp. Sure sign that they are starting to get worried. Well they should be. Because Georgia is playing better football than they are right now and Georgia doesn’t have everybody back yet.

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    • godawgs1701

      There are a lot of people still pointing at the Clemson game who have no idea that Georgia didn’t have really even a single starting receiver we were planning to have in February and that JT couldn’t really throw in that game. National media types included, I love the Cover 3 podcast every week but they are throwing off on our offense in that game and I’m thinking, they looked pretty great for a MASH unit against one of the best defenses in the country which Clemson can still boast about being.

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  11. godawgs1701

    We’ve played a lot of teams with fans (and even some players!) so far this year that want to do their trash talk before the game is played, and I suspect it’s because they know that they’re not going to have the opportunity to do so afterwards. Even the Clemson people were lippy before the game, but my God you wouldn’t believe the shit being talked by VANDY fans before the game on their ghost town campus last weekend. Arkansas fans have similar bravado coming in to this week, and while they can be forgiven for not remembering what it’s like to be where they are, I suspect that our team has heard the noise and is motivated by it.

    Me, I’m more concerned by the teams later in the schedule who know enough to be respectful and quiet and let their play do the talking. Wake me when we get to those guys.

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