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Whole lotta love

I stayed to watch the post-game festivities, and while it was nice to see Kirby and Sam together, I swear that every Georgia offensive lineman went out of his way to find and embrace Pittman. And he showed it back to every one of them.


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Let the Dawgrading commence.

Georgia still ain’t played anybody, PAWWWLLL.


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Game day post, Arkansas edition

The good thing is that if he can’t go, his back up already has a win against the Hogs under his belt.  If it’s Stetson today, the most important factor for Georgia on offense will be keeping pressing Bennett off the field.  He needs to play under control and not try to force the action to be at his consistent best.  He can’t let Odom’s defensive scheme get to him and make him impatient.  He took what the defense gave him last year and they’ll need a repeat performance of that today.

Aside from that, there’s only one additional bit of info I want to add to the mix today, as I’ve already spent time talking about game planning.  It’s a stat that I don’t think has gotten much attention — third down conversion rate.  Arkansas is terrible at converting third downs; it’s 35.29% is next to last in the SEC.  (Georgia, by comparison, is third in the conference, at 53.85%.)  That’s likely influenced by Jefferson’s weakness in the intermediate passing game.

And Arky’s offense won’t be helped by Georgia’s defensive third down conversion rate.  Just like everything else the defense does, it excels in preventing third down conversions.  At 28.07%, the Dawgs lead the SEC.  (The Hogs are second.)

So there’s something to keep an eye on.  Can Arkansas stay out of third downs and if they can’t, how often do they convert?  In a game when both defensive coordinators are going to try to make the opposing offenses work their way down the field, that seems like a big deal.

I didn’t like Georgia covering the 18.5-point spread, although I thought they’d come reasonably close, say, 14-17 points, as I think superior depth plays out in the second half.  Stetson, if he plays, reinforces that, because I expect he’s good for one more turnover than Daniels.

That’s all I got.  What about you?  Have at it in the comments.



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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

If last week’s schedule lacked a little firepower, that isn’t the case today.

Plenty of tasty stuff, for sure.  Particular games of interest for me, in chronological order:

  • Michigan at Wisconsin.  Is Harbaugh’s team for real?
  • Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech.  Was the North Carolina win a mirage?
  • Cincinnati at Notre Dame.  It feels like the Irish have been living on borrowed time all season.
  • Ole Miss at Alabama.  The 2021 edition of the Tide isn’t as good as the 2020 version, but is the 2021 Ole Miss defense better than last season’s?  If so, this could get real interesting.
  • Florida at Kentucky.  Can the ‘Cats go to 3-0 in the conference?  History says nope.
  • Auburn at LSU.  It sort of seems like the wheels are about to come off one of these two’s wagon, but I have no idea which.

Thoughts on the day?  Have at it in the comments.


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The fall and rise of Arkansas

There’s a statistical story to tell about how quickly Sam Pittman has revived the fortunes of Arkansas football and you’ll find it here.  As much credit as he deserves for that, Chad Morris deserves the opposite for driving the program into the ditch, which makes for an unusual story of the guy who never had even been a coordinator before taking the job clearly being better suited for it than someone who was an acclaimed offensive coordinator and then ran a football team prior to arriving in Fayetteville.

That’s definitely not the usual career path.


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It’s Saturday morning. Do you know where your team is?

Time to GATA, people.


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