The fall and rise of Arkansas

There’s a statistical story to tell about how quickly Sam Pittman has revived the fortunes of Arkansas football and you’ll find it here.  As much credit as he deserves for that, Chad Morris deserves the opposite for driving the program into the ditch, which makes for an unusual story of the guy who never had even been a coordinator before taking the job clearly being better suited for it than someone who was an acclaimed offensive coordinator and then ran a football team prior to arriving in Fayetteville.

That’s definitely not the usual career path.



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7 responses to “The fall and rise of Arkansas

  1. Derek

    Sam seems to me to be an Erk-like coach. A contagious personality, a happy warrior, tough but not one who feels the need to bully or boast. A coach whose charges will run through walls to please. He knows his football, makes solid hires and lets them do their jobs. Football could use a lot more like him.

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  2. gurkhadawg

    Genuine motivation that comes from deep inside can achieve the impossible. That’s the only reason this game may be close. But our defense is just too good.

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  3. ugafidelis

    Good for him. I still hope we beat the stew out of them.

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  4. prosticutor

    From the “well I heard” rumor mill, I have a Razorback co-worker. He told me a couple weeks ago that Chad Morris destroyed that team his first day on campus. Walked into the locker room, trashed everybody, lost their respect immediately and the team chemistry never returned. In other words, the exact opposite of Sam Pittman.


  5. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I like Pittman and of course hope we run him off the field today but I was surprised Chad Morris turned out to be such a horrible hire. I remember when they hired him and my buddy who is an Arkansas fan was not happy. He never gave a reason why that I remember but he turned out to be right.


  6. To be fair, we attempted this with Ray Goff to less success.