Whole lotta love

I stayed to watch the post-game festivities, and while it was nice to see Kirby and Sam together, I swear that every Georgia offensive lineman went out of his way to find and embrace Pittman. And he showed it back to every one of them.


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  1. Russ

    I hope Sam wins the rest of them.

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    • erksshadow

      If Sam does win the rest of them, the Dawgs will likely see the Hogs again in the SEC Championship game. Sam said the same thing in a post-game interview. Indirectly, he’s predicting Georgia to win out and represent the SEC East – I believe Sam will be correct.


    • D as in Dawg

      Gaturds look awful in a loss to UK. I am now officially confident that we are going to beat the rest of our schedule into submission. And then… Bama. That is my Jerry to Newman voice in case you can’t tell.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Yeah the post game TV coverage was awesome. You could tell big #99 was having a great day. Also glad to see their letting the kids back onto the rails at the tunnel.

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    • Smokeaterdawg316

      And the very, very end they let the entire Redcoats rendition of the Battle Hymn play to the end, including the “Go Dawgs!”, then faded out like it was supposed to.
      Must be a Redcoat alum on the ESPN production team. 😁

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      • Tony BarnFart

        They are 100% going to do more Noon College Gamedays after the show the redcoats put on with the stadium filling in the background. It was magical.


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever liked an opposing coach as much as I like Pittman

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  4. jdawg108

    He’ll always be a DGD. Even as a hog.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I certainly understand the Pittboss love. But I gotta wonder if that motivated Coach Luke a bit more this week.

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  6. Quick reminder that Kevin Butler says a lot of shit that isn’t remotely true.

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  7. Terry McCullers

    Sam is a great coach/guy may he win the rest of his games and go to a good bowl

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  8. Illini84

    Georgia and Auburn will square off for the 126th time on Saturday, October 9. That game will kickoff at 3:30 p.m. ET as the first half of a doubleheader.

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  9. Remember the Quincy

    My wife was furious in the 3rd quarter that we weren’t playing more aggressively. Normally I am, too, but I told her part of this was Kirby not wanting to embarrass Pittman.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I think Kirby had already embarrassed Sam some, and besides not wanting to rub it in some more, Kirby knows everybody needs to play and get some game reps. Decent chance they’ll be needed before it’s all over with. I love the way that our O-line loves Sam and that Sam loves them back. It’s why Sam was a great recruiter, and part of why he’ll be a great HC.

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    • jdawg108

      My friend who was at the game texted me the same thing. Kirby took his foot off the gas in the first quarter and we still beat them 16-0 after that.


    • I said to my wife that I anticipated a 4 minute offense starting at the end of the first quarter, and I was correct.


  10. Texas Dawg

    DOWN GOES #FTMF!! What a wonderful way to put the icing on todays cake.

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  11. ASEF

    Could have been much worse.

    Game was over before the clock struck 2nd quarter. With Georgia fielding its back-up passing game.

    Arkansas is going to finish 2nd in the SECW. Remarkable. Coach of the Year Sam Pittman


  12. joereynard25

    To anyone at the game I really want to say “job well done”. The first series set the tone and the crowns noise drove them back 10 yards. The Dawgs played like a elite team all night and the crowd delivered. We’ll done and Go Dawgs!


  13. RangerRuss

    Does anyone at the SEC Network bother to watch anything on the SEC Network? The commercials for the network are just st st st stoooopit! Those two ”bros” in the old pickup and that faux country music star are irritating as hell. Give me Shatner, Namath or Jimmy “JJ” Walker talking about health benefits being “freeeeeee!” over their schtick.

    Get off m lawn…