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What’s the opposite of lies, damned lies and statistics?

Georgia’s defense has been otherworldly.  Check these two data points out:

Sometimes the numbers do tell the story.



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As for this coming Saturday…

In case you hadn’t heard, the nooner streak is broken.


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Elite chaos

I was going to post something about how this chaos narrative that’s sweeping through our national punditry is undercut by Alabama’s and Georgia’s utter dominance through five games, but David Hale did such a good job of it that I’m outsourcing my post to his.

But the scariest thing about Saturday for the rest of the college football world was that it hardly seemed like the ceiling for Alabama and Georgia. They played dominant football while seemingly having more in the tank.

Indeed, you’re either elite or you’re not. And right now, that’s a particularly exclusive club with membership offers to just two teams.

I know it’s just the first week of October, but the irony of college football’s grand poobahs debating a 12-team playoff during a season that looks like the national champion should be decided in the SECCG is rich indeed.


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Check out the big brain on Dan.

While we’re on the topic of everyone’s favorite Gator head coach, check out this response at last night’s presser:

Um… you lose a game by seven when you outgained your opponent by 270 170 yards?  As an admission you were outcoached, that pretty much works for me, Dan.


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Name that caption, happy warrior edition

This pic is just eating them up over at Swamp247.

Are the ponies running at Keeneland?  Maybe he just found out he hit on that long shot in the seventh race.

Have at it in the comments.


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The Laner shows his ass.



I don’t blame him for going for it on fourth down the way he did.  Ole Miss wasn’t going to beat ‘Bama with punts and field goals.  It’s the misplaced braggadocio that makes Junior a clown.


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