Name that caption, happy warrior edition

This pic is just eating them up over at Swamp247.

Are the ponies running at Keeneland?  Maybe he just found out he hit on that long shot in the seventh race.

Have at it in the comments.


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30 responses to “Name that caption, happy warrior edition

  1. originaluglydawg

    If he’s this happy now, he’ll find nirvana at the end of the month!

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  2. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    This was one of the things he got flamed for over on the FU message boards last night. The sideshow has been exposed even to them.

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  3. rigger92

    That’s a man that knows how much his buyout is AND already has a job right up the road in Jax.

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  4. NotMyCrossToBear

    Mullen: “I’m laughing to keep from crying. Also, I’m a douchebag.”

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  5. Remember the Quincy

    Don’t look now, but two of the remaining three unbeaten SEC teams reside in the East. #weak

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  6. The look when you realize you are 1-5 in your past 6 games against Power 5 competition…and the one was Tennessee.

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  7. Terry McCullers

    Yeah this is korny but gotta say it. That’s a shit eatin grin right there!,

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  8. spur21

    Moral Victories are sweet……………

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  9. The Truth

    “Thank God we lost — less kids we have to recruit!”

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  10. Shewdawg

    “Didja hear ‘em?! Didja hear ‘em?! The commentator called me the ‘quarterback whisperer!’ Oh boy, is this great!”

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  11. Faltering Memory

    Fool’s names, like fool’s faces.
    Often appear in public places!

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  12. TheOriginalGatorHater

    That’s the smile of a man whose achieved things that Meyer, Zook, Muschamp, and Mac never did.

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    • Down Island Way

      FU hc’s season is shaping up the way he planned, finish 8-4 (this includes a WLOCP beat down), bowl game loss…blames the whole thing on the FU dc, he gets dismissed FU hc goes back to wake boarding…all is calm in hogtown…#FTMF


  13. Texas Dawg

    If they were not already happy enough over on the 24/7 message boards, this picture sent them over the edge. Damn this is fun to watch !!

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  14. If you’re not out hustling on the recruiting trail, maybe hanging at the lake instead, there’s far less chance of violating any recruiting rules, thus not giving yourself any chance of being fired for cause. That’s 12-dimensional chess on making sure you get the full buyout when you tank the whole season. Maybe he is a coaching genius.

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  15. “My private charter to Greensboro is waiting. I can get a round in at the Oconee before I have to head back to Hogtown.”

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  16. Whiskey Dawg

    No Overtime! Great. I can still make it back in time for the hookers and blow.

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  17. W Cobb Dawg

    Grantham told him “You can’t blame this loss on me” and was still laughing about it.

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  18. mg4life0331

    If you got 15 mins, 247 gator board has a shit post that’s a solid 10 mins of laughter with tears.

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  19. spur21

    I’d grin like that if I was making that kind of $$$ for doing shit work. But then again he is perfect in moral victories.

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  20. RangerRuss

    “I been stupid since the day I was born. Well I’m a dumbass, baby. I’m stupid, right on.”
    -Tom Petty, I’m Stupid.

    TP died 4 years ago yesterday. RIP. It’s as if he wrote that song for Sideshow Dan the clown, Portal Master, Magician and generally a shithead.
    Fuck that motherfucker.

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  21. practicaldawg

    A picture is worth 1000 Daily Gators

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  22. “Mark! Mark!, did you know your name is the same sound a hairlip dog makes? Just kidding…you know I’ve been married for years, right?…but tonight you helped me shove my gargantuan head further up my own ass than previously thought possible and fuck myself royally…a lot better than my wife ever did…have a pleasant evening you little butterball…sleep well”

    It’s been my experience that the temporarily insane utter some wacky shit.

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  23. Texas Dawg

    This says it all about Dan. This guys scare is 5 is great and 1 is epic failure

    “- Staffing Grade: 2 His Achilles Heel (left leg). Dan will never hire anyone he believes to be smarter than he is.

    Recruiting Grade: 2 His Achilles Heel (right leg). Problem is, he appears quite content with past results. Would rate a 1 if not for Transfer Portal”

    The #FTMF fans finally are recognizing what we’ve seen all along. The despair in their post are nourishment to my soul

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  24. archiecreek

    My teams can throw the hell out of a shoe!!
    (Big grin)

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  25. 69Dawg

    Hell Stoops at least your QB wasn’t a left handed freshman. If it weren’t for UGA I wouldn’t have a decent line backer yet.

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  26. Bill Snapp

    Llike Buster Bluth running to his juice box…

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