And then he goes and spoils it all…

This is equally painful and amusing.

That worked out well.


UPDATE:  The full quote has a pretty great punchline.


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  1. The mic/headset drop was more unprofessional than what he actually said…but if you have to rely on gimmicks, don’t walk into a buzzsaw like Bama…or GA for that matter…you do you, Laner

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    • 81Dog

      It seemed like a “I got to go coach” move than a “mic drop.” He admitted it was dumb, he apologized to the reporter. That should be the end of it.

      The sideline reporter is waste of time on these coming on/coming off the field interviews. The coaches seem to hate them. Nobody learns anything useful. They probably love it when someone like Kiffin says something dumb, or someone like Nick or MuLLen is irritated; now the story is “The bad coach was rude to our plucky reporter,” as if that was a bug rather than a feature. I’m no Kiffin fan, but it’s 30 seconds to jumping in the barrel with his old boss the greatest coach ever. What did they expect? 600 words on the subtleties of playing fast and aggressive? If tv wants that, interview him on Thursday. Let the freakin’ guys coach on Saturday. There’s plenty of time for stupid questions in the post game presser.

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  2. classiccitycanine

    At least he has the self awareness to realize he stuck his foot in his mouth. That’s more mature than Dan Mullen. Personally I’m all for colorful coaches instead of humorless ones like Saban and Kirby. College football is better with Kiffin than without.

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    • godawgs1701

      I agree. He’s the modern Spurrier – great on social media, funny in press conferences and interviews, and he owns it when he gets beaten. I think he’s good for college football and the SEC.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    At least when Lane puts his foot in his mouth, it’s become endearing and he owns up to it.

    When Sideshow Dan the Clown continues to put his foot his mouth, it’s awkward and off-putting, and he NEVER owns up to it.

    That’s the difference in those two guys. Oh, and the recruiting, too. Lane kicks (or is that licks? hah!) Cousin Eddie’s ass at recruiting, though to be fair that’s not exactly difficult to do.

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  4. Texas Dawg

    If that was a spur of the moment comment, where did Big AL get the popcorn XXXL box from?


  5. classiccitycanine

    I think the story is better now that I know he wasn’t just trying to show his ass.

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  6. spur21

    Life is short – move on down the path – fuck up – own up – laugh it up – then die.

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  7. Derek

    All I can say is that I liked it better when SEC coaches weren’t worried about being media personalities and were fine giving anodyne answers to everything.

    Every opponent was worthy of respect. Wins were a credit to the players. Losses were a failure of coaching. Now I’m not naive enough to think all those guys were gentlemen 24/7/365, but they certainly were expected to be when a microphone was put in front of them.

    Giving kudos to coaches who are crass, callous and classless is a sad commentary as far I am concerned.

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  8. Not sure if this has been posted:

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  9. RangerRuss

    Cool Nancy and Frank Jr reference.
    Joey Freshwater has few redeeming qualities. Spoiled brat as a young adult and a jerk now. He’s fortunate he can coach.


  10. I am glad Lane Kiffin isn’t my coach but I am also glad he is in the SEC.

    He’s amusing and at least he owns up to his mistakes.

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