Steele’s Vegas Power Rankings

For what it’s worth

When I worked for ESPN full time, I put out a weekly article entitled the Vegas Power Ratings. I still have all the sources that I used to produce that article as it featured my plus/minus ratings which closely resemble Vegas’s numbers as well as three different casinos including the fine folks over at the Westgate Las Vegas Sportsbook @SuperBookSports. We are now four full weeks into the season and I will post these numbers weekly.

This is not the AP poll but gives you an idea of how much teams would be favored over another team if they met on a neutral field. I use these to get an idea of lines on upcoming games and it is very accurate in that respect.

Two things there.  One, Auburn and Arkansas are basically a toss up for the casinos.  Two, take the ratings spread between Georgia and Auburn, add back in something for homefield advantage and you’ve basically got this week’s point spread.



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11 responses to “Steele’s Vegas Power Rankings

  1. akascuba

    Phil always delivers a worthwhile read. I have no problem with Bama staying at # 1 no matter the weekly performance until somebody beats them.


  2. TEXBaller

    Then there’s that FLA/KY spread.

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  3. Down Island Way

    Phil could make some cash in vegas if the wwl thing doesn’t work out…


  4. jdawg108

    I think Daniels would be fine to go, if we needed him. If he had to step in and play, he’d be able to. Kirby realizes what he has with the defense and that we could beat auburn and Ky with Bennett… so why not rest him to be 100% for the rest of the season.

    I’m not saying he’s not hurt. I’m sure he is. What I’m saying is if he had to step in for the game winning drive on Saturday he could have.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Seer at Roll Bama Roll has deigned to rank us second this week. I’m grateful. BTW the Seer is a man with multiple degrees from Alabama, who runs a Kratom Store in Memphis and a tout service. Call him for your legal high and your mortal lock of the week.


  6. miltondawg

    Dear Georgia Tech…bet you are looking forward to that roughly +27-30 point line come the last Saturday in November.


  7. uga97

    Correctuon, We are now 5 full weeks..not 4 as Phil miss wrote hope his data isn’t a week behind cause this past weekend was insanity for bettors


  8. DawgFlan

    Man OU v. Ole Miss would be a fun watch.