There’s that elite, again.

Yes, I know what the conventional wisdom says about success in today’s college football game.  But here’s Kirby Smart’s Georgia right now:

I see that and can’t help but think this:


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10 responses to “There’s that elite, again.

  1. 81Dog

    Who you gonna believe, your inner Munson or your lyin’ eyes?

    I have no idea what happens next week, much less at MBS in December. Nobody is unbeatable: there ain’t no horses that can’t be rode, but there ain’t no cowboys that can’t be throwed. That said, anyone that expects to go the full 8 seconds on the 2921 UGA D better have a real good hold, and be prepared to get trampled if they can’t hold on.

    I ain’t scared. The players seem dialed in, nobody is coasting on their press clippings, and they play like the other team just said something bad about their mamas. Our A game on D is suffocating. If we bring that, Bo Nix is going to have a painful day.

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  2. 81Dog

    ~#@% 2021, not 2921. Although, Saban may still be coaching then.

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  3. That chart can’t hold, but that doesn’t make it any less absurd 1/3 of the way through the season.

    If one of my analysts came to me with that, I’d make them check their data. It’s that much of an outlier.

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  4. Ran A

    Love this money and those two guys are the reason why…. I wish ESPN had a crew that was even remotely close to how funny this was. I would watch Vandy vrs. UConn if they had a crew like that.


  5. ugafidelis

    Holy shit!


  6. akascuba

    It’s great fun while it lasts and could be alt time Georgia best. Just stay healthy.
    At some point the offense will need to carry the load to get where everyone wants this team to be.


    • Down Island Way

      A healthy #18 gives UGA football a chance to do serious damage, game manager gives “manball” a 8 man front with a potential pass play for damage…


  7. That chart is Dawg pornography, I won’t look again, well hell, maybe just one more peak 😳

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  8. miltondawg

    That is just absurd. It also confirms that when I have watched Iowa I don’t get their lofty ranking. Great defense for sure (so far). But the Hawkeyes’ offense is absolutely purtrid.

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