Hope floats.

If you’re a Gator, hope is all you got.


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  1. ugafidelis

    Well, he ain’t lying.

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    • mg4life0331

      That’s why I came here. If we ever had a precedent for not shitting the bed let me know.


    • Spell Dawg

      USC, yes, that was just plain bad. Losing to the very same LSU team that shredded all of college football the following season is not a bad L in my book. Last year’s Cocktail Party is also a stretch to call a bad L. UF’s best skill players and best QB since the GPOOE™ up against our favorite little scrapper, hardly an expected walk-off for us.

      It’s a sample size of one Davey is hanging his hat on. Now, I would almost prefer our boys drop one of the next two so we can ruthlessly crush their hopes in Jacksonville, but I just don’t see it. Gator fans should be all-consumed with their trip next week; any dreams of a return to ATL will be drowned on that bourbon-soaked field in BA-TOUN-ROUGE.
      *Just checked and it looks like next week is a nooner, so maybe they escape, but how funny is it that?!?? UF v LSU is a nooner LOL 😀 *


      • Texas Dawg

        Not mention that we were leading until our favorite little scrapper got hurt on a dirty hit AND we were w/o some of our best on defense (wasn’t Cine tossed and I thought Thompson was out already?) LSU waxed the floor with EVERYONE that year. Auburn was avenged. SC….well there is NO EXCUSE for that one other than we just shit the bed that day.

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        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          That SC loss was bad but we didn’t just shit the bed. Kirby coaches that game not to lose and of course SC wanted it BAD. Bad combination.

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  2. One of the posters known as Mark

    [Feces] floats, too.

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    • Down Island Way

      Mark, please allow me…shit, in hogtown is all they’ve got to use as a floatation device, same shit they use to play bumper turds with, that jort shit they use to roll into tiny little balls of shit, that very shit they think they know, but they don’t know shit, the same shit that is served in their special shit sandwich cause all that their diet consists of is…BullShit, same shit that gives them belief that their shitty FU life exists after Oct. 30th UGA football shit stomping experience, UGA will clean their collective shoes of that FU shit and move on…#FTMF

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  3. SoCalDawg

    the old adage that seems appropriate here: “you can hope in one hand and you know what in the other and see which fills up first.”

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  4. charlottedawg

    Please for the love of God, beat these guys, severely. Sitting at 3-2 and still flapping their gums.

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  5. In all but one of those games (South Carolina), the defense played poorly. I just don’t see this defense letting off the accelerator.

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  6. …and a pony. Don’t forget to wish for the damn pony!

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  7. TEXBaller

    When bats fly out of my ass…..

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  8. MGW

    Turds float, too.


  9. Ran A

    Well… You can point to the South Carolina game two years ago. And Georgia did lose at LSU in 2018. Tigers ended up being pretty darn good though. There was no unexpected loss in 2017. Georgia did lose to Auburn, but Auburn won the West and Georgia beat them in the SEC game. Last year, Georgia recorded two losses. Alabama and Florida. So that narrative has ‘some’ merit, but not as much as one might think. That stigma comes from the Richt years and Kirby’s first year, blowing the game to UT and losing to Vanderbilt. But outside of the South Carolina outlier, the rest of the losses frankly are acceptable, given the talent and location of the games.

    Add to it… This Georgia team is just different. It is the results of years of work by Kirby and staff to get the right talent together, with the correct mindset.

    Georgia isn’t losing at Auburn and frankly, I’ll be surprised if Kentucky scores, based on what their offense has been able to muster so far. That would pin Florida’s hopes on beating Georgia and UT having every bounce of the ball go their way, running a fast pace spread offense with a defense that just isn’t very good.

    “Hope is not a strategy”. And like the Senator said.. That’s all the Gators have right now, is to “hope” that this team plays completely out of character, not just against another SEC team, but also against the Gators themselves.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Yes, there are still mathematical options for a 3+ loss team to get to the national championship. Damn, their desperation has become hilarious.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Can’t you hear the announcement?
      “Normally, a four loss team would not garner consideration for the playoffs, but considering the fact that Florida had the great loss against Alabama, THE greatest loss of all time; we’ve decided they deserve the number four slot”.
      “Congratulations Florida, and congratulations on that awesome loss to the worst Alabama team in years.”

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  11. Texas Dawg

    Florida already has 2 SEC losses. For them to get to Atlanta, UGA would have to have 2 SEC losses with FU being one of them AND UK would have to have 3 SEC losses since they hold the head to head tie breaker with the TURDS. Those things happening are about the same odds as me winning the Power Ball Jackpot (and I don’t play Power Ball).

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  12. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Florida fans truly believed they were going to be riding high forever. When Turban was there I remember some of them basically saying just that. Even when they hired Boom which was obviously not a great hire they thought it was going to just keep rolling. They still don’t quite believe they aren’t that program anymore but they’re getting closer to believing it.

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