Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Today’s menu:

It’s a regular smorgasbord:  the Red River Shootout at noon, along with the battle of the SEC West teams that got smoked last week, followed by Penn State-Iowa at four (take the under), wrapping up with night games at Kentucky and TAMU.

What are you looking for today?


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23 responses to “Your (non-Dawg) game day post

  1. Anon

    Need UK to win. Improve our resume

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  2. Anon

    And thanks for doing this every Saturday (and other days). I can’t imagine the time it takes. And to make your analysis so thoughtful. Cheers and go Dawgs

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  3. Munsoning

    Hate Texas but would love to see OK get smoked.

    Hoping Pittman makes the Laner choke on his popcorn.

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  4. Full, plus the Braves at 5p. Get fresh batteries for the remote control

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  5. pdawg30577

    Lord, please let South Carolina break Tennessee’s heart, oh please please please …

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  6. jdawg108

    Watching arky run on ole miss is beautiful.


  7. Sweet D

    Not sure if y’all’ve heard, but Texas is back. /s

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  8. miltondawg

    Biggest CFB story of the day so far has to be Rattler, preseason Heisman favorite, getting benched in favor of a freshman.

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  9. Munsoning

    Boomer Sooner.


  10. Munsoning

    Hogs-Rebels is a thriller in Q4. No D, all O.

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  11. ugafidelis

    I hope Dumbo doesn’t become the first assistant to knock off the master. That privilege is supposed to be reserved for one Kirby Smart.