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Can’t get enough of the place

Er’rybody loves Athens.


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Today, in ain’t played nobody


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Week 6 Mumme Poll ballot post

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

Man, I can’t think of a more fortuitously timed start for Mumme Poll voting than this one, after all the crazy stuff from this weekend.

Before you go there, a few quick reminders and one update:

  • You have today and tomorrow to cast your vote.  We’ll discuss our ballots on Tuesday and I’ll post the results every Wednesday.
  • You may vote for as many (well, at least up to 25, if you’re so inclined) or as few teams as you like.  There is no tiebreaker involved.
  • Just like last go ’round, there are a couple of questions for you to address at the end of the ballot.
  • Please provide a valid email address.

Peyton tweaked the presentation.  We’re not using a drop down menu format now.  Instead, teams are arranged by conference and you simply check a box if you want to cast a vote for a particular team.  We hope this will go a long way towards eliminating the “meant to vote for Ohio State but chose Ohio by accident because I wasn’t paying attention” problem.

Here’s the link for the ballot.  If you have any questions, raise them in the comments.  Happy voting!



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TFW “always” is doing some heavy lifting

After the game, Kirby was asked about his winning quarterback and had this to say in part:

… That’s what Stetson is able to do. He’s not as elusive as Bo but he’s a really good athlete. He makes plays with his legs. He’s able to pull the ball on zone reads. He makes you defend the whole 53 yards. We’ve always felt like Stetson is a really good player. It’s not like anybody didn’t think he was good. He was playing well last year.  [Emphasis added.]

Sure, that’s why he was fourth-string in the preseason.  Hell, I can’t blame Kirby here.  It seems like everybody else in America used hindsight to rag his ass about his quarterbacks.  He’s entitled to engage in a little revisionist thinking of his own when things are going right.

Speaking of going right, Stetson is currently the owner of a 206.56 passer rating.  That would be good enough to lead the conference and be second nationally, except he doesn’t average 15 attempts per game.  That is some ruthless efficiency there.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but compare Fromm’s regression under Coley to Stetson’s growth with Monken.


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Tell me something…

Is there anything more soul crushing than a 10-play, almost six-minute, fourth quarter scoring drive to put the game away when a team does nothing but run the ball against an opponent that knows what’s coming but can’t do anything to stop it?

You know, like this?

Real Conan “hear the lamentation of the women” stuff there…


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About Todd Monken

So, to open the second half yesterday, Georgia embarks on a 7-run, 10-play drive that ends in a missed field goal attempt.  There are actually a couple of guys behind me in the stands who start grumbling about the play calling.

Auburn proceeds to turn the ball over on downs.  Then, this happens:

I turned to my friend before the snap to say, “man, Auburn’s really loading up to stop the run”.  The entire Auburn defense is in a tight box within ten yards of the line of scrimmage.  I didn’t even have the chance to say anything about all the open space McConkey had in front of him before it was go time.

The whole thing sort of reminded me of the opening play of last year’s Cocktail Party, when I could see the huge gain coming just off the formations.  The point being, if it’s so obvious that even somebody like me could see it coming from the cheap seats, Todd Monken knows a little something about play design and play calling.  Certainly more than the dudes sitting behind me yesterday.


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Thoughts on The Loss

Really, I can’t decide what’s harder to wrap my brain around this morning, Zach Calzada’s game log, or the fact that Alabama gave up more points in a single SEC game than Georgia’s allowed all season.

But, as a Dawg fan, here’s something I can wrap my brain around:  if Georgia can pull off an SECCG win — and, yes, I appreciate the “if” there — there’s a strong likelihood that they won’t have to play Alabama again in the CFP.  How strong?  Well, according to ESPN’s FPI, Georgia now has a 46.3% change of winning the national championship.  Alabama is second, at 18.3.


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When in doubt…

Your team got blown up on both lines of scrimmage, you finished the game with a 97.97 passer rating, but if only the refs had been fair:

Nix lobbied with a referee after the play, and proceeded to sound off further in his postgame interview.

“The guy completely grabs him,” Nix said of the sequence in the end zone. “I thought it should’ve definitely been a pass interference. It’s just stuff like that that we don’t ever get that changes the game.

“Obviously, if that would’ve been them, they probably would’ve called it. But that’s just part of the game and part of the rivalry.”

When asked to elaborate, Nix said it was par for the course that Auburn would be denied a pass-interference call in a big game, and that maybe his teammates in the secondary should have played more aggressive on the ball, if penalties weren’t going to be called often.

“I always feel like there are some questionable calls in big moments,” Nix said. “Obviously, there were a few today that I thought could have gone differently. I thought the one to (Capers) there at the end of the half, that was just kind of one of those judgment calls that was tough. It’s hard to make a play on the ball when they’re that aggressive.

“So I guess the officials were letting us play today. We should’ve been more aggressive on our end, I guess, and seen how they would’ve responded to that.”

Makes sense, Bo.  After all, your team was responding so well to everything else in that game.


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Envy and jealousy, Slap Shot edition

David Hale still has the touch.  Here’s what he had to say about his number five choice on his Heisman favorites list:

5. Georgia defensive tackles Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt and Jalen Carter

Auburn ran for 46 yards on Saturday. It marks the fifth time in six games that Georgia’s defense held the opposition to less than 100 yards on the ground. Sure, it’s unfair for us to add three players to the No. 5 spot, but how do you pick just one? It’s like naming your favorite Hanson brother; they’re all essential parts of one magical group.


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TFW the future’s so bright


“You can’t really prepare for it, because obviously there aren’t many 6-6, 350-pound guys walking around that you can just avoid all the time,” Nix said. “I’ve kind of been there and played those kind of guys, been around and never necessarily had a huge issue with it. Just play my own game, and if they’re in my way, just kind of run around them.

“He’s going to make his plays, and that’s why he’s a good player; he’s going to be a great draft pick for somebody in the future, and obviously there’s no denying that. So we just have to limit the times he is making plays.”



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