Thoughts on The Loss

Really, I can’t decide what’s harder to wrap my brain around this morning, Zach Calzada’s game log, or the fact that Alabama gave up more points in a single SEC game than Georgia’s allowed all season.

But, as a Dawg fan, here’s something I can wrap my brain around:  if Georgia can pull off an SECCG win — and, yes, I appreciate the “if” there — there’s a strong likelihood that they won’t have to play Alabama again in the CFP.  How strong?  Well, according to ESPN’s FPI, Georgia now has a 46.3% change of winning the national championship.  Alabama is second, at 18.3.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Your last point is the most important point.

    We should all want Bama to make the SEC Title Game, because if they don’t but win-out and finish 11-1, they will, just like 2017, be guaranteed to be the 4th seed.

    I don’t want Bama in the Playoff. Not again. God no. I’d rather see them in Atlanta and end it once and for all.

    Anyone else disappointed Kirby wasn’t the first, though? You can’t say he didn’t hold it in his hands twice and gacked-it-up, because he did.

    Congrats to Jimbo, who takes a lot of deserved shit even though he has a ring, for being the first to get it done. On his fifth try.

    Also, if I had an AP vote this week, I’d be voting Iowa No. 1. I mean, PSU was so good because they squeaked by the Barners at home, and then Iowa beat PSU, so Iowa is awesome. Georgia beat the shit out of the Barners at The Barn, but everyone knows Georgia doesn’t play anyone.

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  2. legatedawg

    And right after our Clash of Unbeatens in Sanford Stadium next Saturday, Alabama is in StarkVegas to to on a team that DID handle Texas A&M on the road just a week ago.

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  3. Our defense is otherworldly. Saban is probably kicking himself for abandoning his DNA of defense first philosophy, but I think Kirby had more of an impact on his defenses than he’s willing to ever admit. I’m loving the Junkyard Dawgs, and loving the patchwork QB/WR room even more. Our receivers coach deserves a healthy raise…

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    • siskey

      I have a buddy who is a big Bama fan and as they go a rational one. He is shocked that they’ve been able to remain the top team for so long but he’s been saying for the last 2 years that the defense is not the same since Kirby left.
      I don’t think Bama loses again unless it’s to us but maybe someone gives them a game again prior to the SEC Championship game. I’m still shocked that this Texas AM team was able to score so many points and come back after Bama went up a TD in the 4th quarter.

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      • mddawg

        I think the defense was comparable when Pruitt was their DC. If anything he seemed to bring a bit more “havoc” with him while using the same system. After that though, yeah they seem to have lost a step.

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      • originaluglydawg

        If Auburn’s receivers gain a little hand-eye coordination OR Bo learns to throw a little change-up occasionally (instead of the leveled howitzer rounds he fires at receivers ten yards away) they may have a pretty good shot in the Iron Bowl. Bama has trouble tackling strong runners and Bo is a handful to get on the ground.
        I may be over the top some when I say I don’t care who we face in the SECCG or the playoffs. This team should be favored over all others.
        I think Saban is going to have a job on his hands getting them back up and Kirby is going to have a job keeping his kids’ heads out of the clouds.

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  4. Granthams Replacement

    Yes. Georgia only has to beat Bama once if Kirby can keep them focused.

    Ever notice in the games that bama loses Saban is very calm on the sidelines? Not his normal ass chewing or cheering self.

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  5. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    The excuses from the Alabama “fans” at work have been fun to listen to this morning. One of them is a guy that talks like he’s from Chicago or somewhere but he’s a big Alabama “fan”. Another is a guy that I got to admit had never watched college football until a few years ago but he “just likes Alabama”. Talking to him this morning has been fun with the cognitive dissonance he’s going through. Because he has watched college football for such a short time and jumped on the Bammer bandwagon he truly didn’t think anything like last night was even remotely possible. Too funny.

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  6. munsonlarryfkajim

    Alabama losing doesn’t change much. Still have to beat them to get where we want to go. And it won’t be easy. Maybe we now only have to beat them once, but we still have to get over that hump. But let’s focus on Kentucky and keep efficiently dispatching opponents each week and the rest will take care of itself

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  7. akascuba

    It would be a perfect way to win the SECG by beating Bama and eliminating them from the CFP.

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    • Down Island Way

      Buckle up, uk is next up on the UGA football schedule of “is that all ya got”…

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    • siskey

      We need to worry about getting there. The only teams left on our schedule that we can play poorly against and win are Charleston Southern, Mizzou and Tech. Hopefully we handle being ranked #1 and take care of Kentucky this weekend. It will be the first time I’ve ever watched us in person as the top ranked team. Weird and awesome days in Athens!

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  8. The impression that I get is that Jimbo focused the entire team on one goal the entire offseason, and that was beating big bad Alabama. That approach got the Aggies playing out of their minds against the Tide and earned Jimbo the W he desperately wanted. Unfortunately, reducing the season to a single game made them think they could ignore the rest of the schedule, which is why they played like absolute ass against Arkansas and Mississippi State (to say nothing of Colorado, a down-and-out program they barely survived).

    Basically I think Bama had the misfortune of facing a team that had spent nine solid months getting amped up to beat them. This loss, while significant, shouldn’t fool anyone into thinking that Bama won’t run the table and wind up right back in the SECCG.

    That said, they definitely don’t have the aura of invincibility that past Bama teams did. This was like the third or fourth time this season I found myself thinking, “Wow, they really can’t tackle any better than that?”

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  9. Waiting for Saban to talk about how his team played well, out-gained TAMU in some stats, etc. while joking with the Coke bottle and the AFLAC duck to take the GLOOE title from Danny boy. Or maybe Finebaum will do that for him?


  10. Derek

    The biggest upshot is not having to beat them twice. May still have to play them twice tho.

    The downside is a big ol’ target gets placed on us later today by the polls.

    Sure would like to have been a lot fucking healthier before getting that placed on our chest.


  11. Biggen

    Alabama D-line is not very Bama like this year. The O-line from A&M was consistently pushing and moving them around. That is basically a exact opposite of what you want to happen to your D-line.

    Bama also have WRs problems. This is not the first game where I’ve watched multiple drops. Their O-line also has lots of issues pass blocking. I think there were 4? sacks last night. When is the last time Bama gave up that many sacks?

    They definitely are not like the Bama teams of the last decade.

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  12. Russ

    This is the big key to Bama losing. As much as I wanted Kirby to dethrone Saban (can’t stand the slimeball Jimbo), if we whip them in the SECCG they are done. Alternatively if they beat us, we likely still get in and they would have to do it again. Oh, how the turntables!

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  13. Whiskey Dawg

    Pawwwwwlll, I can’t show my face at work. There is tiger fans, Gator fans & Dawg fans. Do you think Saban is too old? Who do we get Pawwwwlll?………..Dabo is a phony…Kirby is just a recruiter & Sark sucks. Got to dig up the Bear!…Pawwwwwllll!!!

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  14. topgunsdawg

    Regardless of what happens…we’re bowl eligible baby!

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  15. Losing to A&M works out nicely for us…but, we’re all painfully aware that Bama has sustained a regular season loss before and still won a national championship or two…as it has been stated above, let’s just focus on Kentucky this week…they’ve earned our attention, and we’d be wise to give it to them fully

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    • miltondawg

      Well said, frozen. UK has nothing to lose. Win and be in control of the SECCG. The played the douchebags as tough as Bama and woodshedded LSU. This game is another huge test from a team that is extremely well coached.

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  16. mddawg

    Just my own random thoughts on the game:

    I couldn’t believe how much success the Aggies had getting pressure on Bryce Young. And somehow that same defense had two MASSIVE blown coverages that resulted in Bama TDs.

    The Aggies QB played absolutely out of his mind last night. Dude has a cannon arm.

    The Bama offense was all over the place. Sometimes Young was dropping dimes for big plays. Other times he was throwing into the dirt or his receivers decided to have bricks for hands.

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  17. practicaldawg

    TAMU definitely made the probable scenarios more favorable for UGA. They also diverted every truckload of rat poison toward Athens, GA this week.

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    • originaluglydawg

      I’ve just got the feeling that these Dawgs won’t go near rat poison.
      They are focused and angry at each and every opponent.
      Depth is so important because it really does create competition and sharpens each player to do his best.
      This team has deep talent and depth. (I wonder if TB knows this?)


      • Texas Dawg

        Speaking of depth. Think of the trouble this team would be in if Kirby had not stockpiled the talent that we have. What was it, 14 players missing yesterday? Quite a few would have started and I think all would have been in the 2 deep rotation. That’s a special team when you can lose that much talent and STILL steamroll the competition. A HUGE portion of winning it all happens before they ever put on the pads.

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  18. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    You are dead right Senator. If we beat Bama (and it WILL be Bama) in the SECCG the Tide is out of the playoff. But that makes them even more dangerous IMHO.


  19. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I don’t know why people worry that Bammer is somehow going to want to win the SEC moar than they would have. I’m pretty sure they would have given max effort in that game regardless. This reminds me of the old “best shot” stuff. Do we start posting the cannon gif for Bammer now? This also seems to ignore that if Bammer feels more pressure then we should feel less provided we come into that game undefeated and while that’s not a given it is damned likely.

    I don’t think rat poison is a factor with this team. Too much great leadership on both sides of the ball. They’ve been ready to play every week.

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  20. originaluglydawg

    Dan Mullen can’t believe Bobby Fisher blew the opportunity to gain a great moral victory.