He didn’t mention Pickens.  (Of course, we knew in July he was down.  But, still…)

At one point on Saturday, both starting safeties and the starting left tackle were out, along with all the other injured, and it didn’t matter in the slightest.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this team is kinda special.


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22 responses to “MIA

  1. biggusrickus

    Three freshmen and Burton have carried the passing game thus far. That’s pretty nuts.

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  2. dawg100

    Walkons at safety and WR as well most of Saturday.


  3. Bluto, you are spot on…the fact that this offense is so dynamic and diverse given all the injuries, speaks to Kirby’s recruiting/roster management and Monken’s ability to utilize the available talent…both are remarkable

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  4. ugafidelis

    I agree. And I bet the ones who have a chance at getting back are champing at the bit to be a part of it.

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  5. whb209

    I’d say this team is kinda special.
    True That…

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  6. Skeptic Dawg

    This squad is a walking (well, limping is more accurate) MASH unit right now, yet they continue to roll. This is a direct result of Kirby’s recruiting. I admit that I am not a Stetson Bennett fan, but kid proves me wrong each and every week. Good for him. Yes, this group does indeed appear to be special.

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    • californiadawg

      I understand the want for JT to come back asap, but I can’t fathom how any bulldog couldn’t be a Stetson fan at this point.

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      • Skeptic Dawg

        Cali, for me it comes down to trust and faith. I trust Daniels far more than Bennett. That being said, if the coaches trust Bennett then I should too. The kid plays his heart out…guts out 1st downs with his legs and drops bombs with his arm. I certainly tip my cap to Bennett. It is amazing what this team has accomplished to this point in the season with so many starters on the sideline due ti injury.

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        • Gaskilldawg

          I understand your point. You think Daniels is a better QB for us. I get it; I think that, too, without that being any way critical of Bennett.


  7. archiecreek

    Damn fine analysis!!
    From Erickson and Schaffer to Channing Tindall to Stetson…
    Kirby can’t develop talent!!

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  8. Jack Klompus

    Would be very nice to have some of these guys start to trickle in over the next couple of weeks and get some PT under their belts. It will take a few games to get them in sync, I would think.


  9. Texas Dawg

    No substitute for TALENTED depth

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  10. originaluglydawg

    We’ve got one of the defensive guys from a few years ago to thank for SB4 being a Dawg. I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was. He had played against Stet in HS and told Kirby about him. I think that was the first we heard of him and was the reason he was offered to come aboard as a preferred walk on. From walk-on and scout team QB to leading the Dawgs to a number one ranking by hammering Auburn in Jordan Hare is impressive as hell!
    And you know what? When JT comes back, Stetson will be his biggest fan and encourager.
    We’ve got a lot to be thankful for! This great coaching staff, a deep and talented football team that is number one and deserves it, and the opportunity to see it coming together again this week against Kentucky.
    Hunker ’em down!


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