“It’s just a number, right?”

Number one rankings are kinda like age, amirite, Kirby?

Seriously, how can you not appreciate this team’s mindset?

“The goal is to be No. 1 at the end of the season, we always know that. Everybody’s goal is there, but to have an opportunity to do that you’ve got to be in the four (in the playoff). That’s the most critical part. We won’t get caught up in that and let you guys write about it. That’s not a burden we carry. The burden we carry is how to play.”

“Do you worry about the psyche of guys reading it and looking at it?” said Smart, in the middle of his sixth season as Bulldogs coach. “Yeah, you’ve got to do a good job talking to your guys and keeping them grounded. That’s kind of what we’ve been working on for 10 months around here.”

“It’s really what you control your thoughts on and what you put your priorities into,” he said. “I’m very honest with our team in the way they’ve handled things to this point. They’ve handled practice well, they’ve handled leadership well. They’ve bought into the DNA traits of our team. They’ve got to continue to do that.”

Maybe that’s just coach talk, but after watching this team’s play through the first half of the regular season, it’s hard to deny the buy in.  They’ve gone about their business week after week (5-1 against the spread, and the one was South Carolina cashing in a touchdown in garbage time).  They don’t seem to get too high or too low.  You might have thought they came out with low energy at Auburn, but in retrospect they were mindful of keeping their emotions in check in a hostile road setting.

This season makes for an interesting contrast with 2017.  That season felt like it was fueled by emotion, starting with the exciting Notre Dame game.  And, between the decision of the four key players to come back and the unexpected course the season took after Eason’s injury, how could it not have been?

2021 feels way more business like.  Yeah, there are moments that are celebrated, but they’re brief.  This is a team that knows what it can accomplish if it keeps its collective head on straight and plays with that in mind.  That’s good coaching.


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  1. Bluto, this sounds like you’re preaching straight to me…to me that is exactly it, just that TCB mentality, let the fans be hyped…but the coaches and players just go out and execute…hopefully they continue this approach…it’s so much more fun to watch and helps me retain some hair on my head.

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  2. Tony BarnFart

    If we stay clinical and keep at the same even keel we’ve been at, we’ll be 15-0 and put 1980 to bed.

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  3. This team handles its business like the early Saban championship teams did. The games look easy compared to what they deal with in practice.

    The guy who does the Monday SEC podcast (David Ebben?) with Andy Staples says Kentucky will get into the 20s against us. I just don’t see it.

    The worst thing that could have happened for Kentucky happened – GameDay back in Athens combined with a 3:30 start on CBS with Georgia ranked #1. The Sanford home field advantage will be in full effect.

    Better players + true home field advantage = a long day for the visitors. Dawgs 38-17.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Guys that do podcasts are going to say things like that; something similar was said about Arkansas, and admittedly there was reason to think that was possible pre-game. There were probably some saying Auburn might. I guess they think one day it might be happen. If it does, they will say, “See, I told you!” as if they hadn’t said it 7-8 times earlier.


  4. moe pritchett

    Best way to describe what we are witnessing….business. Businesslike and focus. I’ve been saying focus all season, and I believe that is exactly where Kirby has taken this team.
    His defense reminds me of the early teens Bama defenses, and the team as a whole carries a very, “ I’m on my way to work” cool swagger aura, while channeling the emotion and excitement. Yes, this is the part of coaching that so many fail to recognize.
    Good read Senator.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    To me that’s what has got this team to the #1 ranking. Chemistry Focus and Determination and Discipline. Weekend week out best prepared team mentality I’ve eve r seen.


  6. Ran A

    Although built differently, their mind-set reminds you very much of last year’s Alabama team. They are on a mission.


  7. Harold Miller

    This is precisely how I felt when Seth Small’s kick barely spilt the uprights and how I will continue to feel. SEC shorts got my feelings spot on before the season even kicked off. https://youtu.be/PhSu9IWOXVc
    One day, one game, one play at a time.


  8. Certainly less emotion. Remember 2016- close losses to Tn, Van, and Tech? 2017 was a chance to pay them and Fl back. We even got a chance to lose to Aub and pay them back! We haven’t played Bama or Fl, yet. This is no Vengeance Tour.


  9. Salty Dawg

    In all fairness, 2017 came at us in an unexpected fashion. We were all thrilled when the wins happened but Munsoning ourselves right out the door for the next game. We never saw the Rose Bowl coming at us at the beginning of the season. Now four years of Kirby’s teams and we are not so surprised any more! Nice feeling isn’t it? He’s channeled the right demeanor to his team and they show it. Business with pride.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    So is this the point where we transition from building a perennial secc challenger to realizing the dream of winning multiple natty’s over the next 10+ years?


  11. rigger92

    During the CBS broadcast last week they made mention of some kind of mental therapy program that the team is working through. Anyone know about this? I’d sure like to know more about it.


  12. TripleB

    Totally agree with this post. When we went down 3 after Auburn’s first drive, I was really interested to see how the team responded. They stayed calm and patiently went about their business. I think that was a very positive response which may indicate that this team is different than before. We shall see!


  13. When Alabama last came to our house, I was embarrassed as a fan and knew the gap had widened when our players started mugging and jawing pre-game while the Bama players held their COMPOSURE and proceeded to punch us in the face on the field. I’ve been waiting for the day when our team could be like that. The 2017 team was all heart and guts, but rode a lot on their emotion which, frankly, is exhausting. The thing about “The Play” to end our dream is how it didn’t seem like Bama was panicked. They just needed to execute one more time and did.

    Kirby has us there now. Frankly, was not confident he could replicate that but knew that had to be his goal. Clemson lost composure. Florida always does but sometimes you can win on guts and emotion (right TAMU?!) so we’ve got to be strong in JAX. Hope to see Bama lose their shit in the SECCG and I think we will.

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  14. I’m not at all worried about these guys getting a big head. The current state of the program is 5+ seasons of elite recruiting and coaching and finding guys who play well together and ridding itself of those who don’t.

    This thread plays into the one about defensive stars imo. You have to be willing to share here and it’s made the program stronger. On the other hand, it’s somewhat led to having a walk-on starting at safety after some guys didn’t seem to want to share. I have no idea how far this team will go but they’re pretty stout and fun to watch.

    I don’t see being #1 as rat poison, much less a reason they’ll lose. Starting a walk-on at QB and S, as well as a little recruited WR(though I told anyone who would listen about him when he was signed) seems a more likely reason we could lose. All these guys stepping up, mixed in with the stars and vets, has made this season fun so far, though.