Today, in NIL

Hey, you go argue with him.


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51 responses to “Today, in NIL

  1. 69Dawg

    Well hell Morgan & Morgan are all Gator grads. Wonder how that is going to make Mullen feel?

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  2. Derek

    Do we really want our children influenced by, and associated with, the seedy underworld of billboard based personal injury law firms?

    Morris Bart and Alexander Shunnarah, you’re on the clock!

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    • gotthepicture

      Kinda feel the same, but I guess it’s better than seeing some 50+ white guy in a suit that had dubbed himself “The Hammer” because he’s such a tough-guy ambulance-chasing lawyer.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I love it.

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  4. waltergeiger

    the big guy puts folks in the ambulance. he doesn’t chase them.

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  5. Geezus

    He should carry some of their cards with him and each time he sacks a QB, slip a card in their helmet.

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  6. Dang, son, are you advertising for the very people that Will Levis is gonna call after the game on Saturday?

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Uh-oh, Montlick & Associates are dropping the ball!


  8. 79dawg

    I mean, Meriweather & Tharpe (divorce lawyers) and Ken Nugent both sponsor portions of the radio broadcast.

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  9. ASEF

    Well, Clemson and Bama fans are now so looking forward to watching the Dawg D disintegrate – given how much they blame NIL for their own teams’ face-plants this season.

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    • rigger92

      You hear that going around too? All the Clemson people around me keep saying “QB has that huge deal, we can’t pull him”.


      • classiccitycanine

        I wonder if Dr. Pepper is having second thoughts about their endorsement deal with DJU. Might be a learning experience for the businesses considering NIL deals. FWIW, I wholeheartedly embrace NIL compensation.


        • Gaskilldawg

          Probably not. The value of someone as an advertising representative is based upon whether a good segment of the target market recognizes that person’s name and whether that person has charisma.
          I will bet Dr. Pepper views DJU as a more valuable marketing rep than it does Bailey Zappe.


      • ASEF

        Dabo has to get DJU going in the right direction, or his days of recruiting among the top 1 or 2 QBs is over.

        And they’ve got no one really good behind him. Also a Dabo issue.

        But hey, let’s blame player NIL! Not the coach who is now generationally rich with 2 rings who looks decidedly like a guy who’s been the mountaintop rather than one trying to club it.


  10. I’m just glad there was a billboard large enough to post a wallet picture of Mr. Davis

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  11. practicaldawg

    Just keep our players away from Dr. Pepper and Fansville

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  12. Russ

    Sorry Senator. 😉

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  13. Granthams Replacement

    Jordan Davis is my favorite 2021 Dawg. I don’t care for Morgan or Morgan.

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  14. Their tag line works perfectly for an NIL deal with young Mr. Davis.


  15. Dawglicious

    The Nuge missed out: “One Hit, That’s It”


  16. SSB Charley

    Excellent. The more business plaintiff’s lawyers get, the more business insurance defense attorneys get. I’m here for it.


  17. “WE’LL get the money YOU deserve!”

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  18. miltondawg

    Next Georgia player injured on a motorcycle or scooter will be getting a call from Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers.

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  19. redhotchilidawg

    Next player busted for Emerging from an Alley gets a Better Call Saul deal.

    How is Zeus not the face of the Strong Arm John Foy?


  20. Can someone tell me how this and McConkey’s chocolate bar endorsement in anyway harm Buttsmehre?

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    • Gaskilldawg

      I can’t. Shit, if getting an NIL payment affects how well a guy plays then McConkey’s deal was great for UGA.


      • McConkey and Davis provided a service in exchange for something. They gained something and the producers of the goods they endorsed gained something. The economy was better off afterwards. I wonder what the deadweight loss to the economy was under the old regime.

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  21. But there are no stars on the Georgia D. Bet his DBs are jealous.


  22. mg4life0331

    I wonder if Morgan and Morgan hasn’t defended anybody either?

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  23. bigjohnson1992

    Jordan needs a repo man or and bail bondsman deal. Imagine knowing this guy is coming for you or your car.


  24. winodawg

    Personally, I’da gone with :

    “We chase ambulances as fast as he chases quarterbacks.”

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  25. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Huell Babineaux but with 4.3 speed.


  26. I don’t think the school is allowed to do this, but it might help with recruiting for someone like Dawgstats to compile a list players by NIL deal


  27. trbodawg

    I like how he’s listed as “Defensive Line” Not nose guard or lineman, but the whole freaking’ defensive line.


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