Gettin’ after it

Call me out for looking ahead, if you like, but here’s a stat I’d file in the back of my head if we get a certain match up in the SECCG:

Given the current state of Alabama’s o-line and that of Georgia’s defensive front seven, I’d look for the Dawgs to notch another entry on that list.


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10 responses to “Gettin’ after it

  1. RangerRuss

    It’s alright to look ahead, Bluto. The Dawgs are the ones that should be focused on Kentucky and I’m sure they will be. Personally, I eagerly await the SEC Championship and the ass kicking the Dawgs are going to lay on their opponent. I hope it’s the Gumps. I fully expect the Dawgs to top that list.
    As for the ‘cats? It was only three years ago when those ACC wannabes were paying for billboards on Times Square touting their prowess as football tough hombres after beating the gaytards. The Dawgs doubled them up in Lexington and they were glad to see them leave town. Should be a worse beatdown this Saturday.

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  2. practicaldawg

    Thought experiment: can 2021 Alabama
    beat 2011 Alabama?


  3. Ran A

    Every week that goes by we get a little more information to work with. And so far that information has been nothing but positive for Georgia. At least as of today, I feel pretty darn good about Georgia’s chances for the rest of the season and the SEC Championship game and frankly, the the teams they would match up presently with in play-off.

    But that’s today. Lot of football between now and then. Beat Kentucky, get healthy, beat UF, handle Mizzou, don’t let UT sneak up on you, rest a lot of people against Charleston Southern, don’t over-look Tech and put them away early and then start what is basically a new season.


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